Back To Basics Part 5: The Essence Of Writing With Personality - Hannah Mang
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Back To Basics Part 5: The Essence Of Writing With Personality


Has this ever happened to you:

You meet a person and the two of you totally hit it off? You connect instantly, you get each others jokes and you’re totally feeling it?

It’s almost like a spark that lights up a fire inside of you. And so you burn: You feel an instant sense of being understood, of trust and comfort. Relief. Arrival.

“It’s like we’ve known each other for years!“

We’ve all said that about someone at some point in our lives, right? “Where the hell have you been so long!?“

I’m sure this has happened to you.

But has it also happened ONLINE?

You betcha! (Just look at how many ebooks, courses, programs etc you’ve bought in your life ;) And this is exactly what we want people to feel when they hit YOUR website:

That instant connection and feeling of „OMG, finally! Where have you been so long?“

And how can you make another person feel this way? By writing with personality of course. Because this is where you’re getting real, honest and (yes, I’m gonna say it) vulnerable

If you wanna establish a real connection with your ideal clients, there ain’t no other way to go! You can’t just fake it. The spark’s there or not. End of story.

So writing with personality is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING you need to do if you want people to get a feel for who you really are. If you want them to know what it’s like to have coffee with you. And most importantly for your business? To know what it’s like to WORK with you!

(Psst: I wrote an ebook about that! Did you already grab your free copy? All you need to do is sign up!)

That should make writing with personality an absolute no-brainer!

You need to show people who you are if you want them to stick around.

That’s not only true for small business owners or solopreneurs. But also for huge empires like Virgin. Everything they do + everything they stand for = Richard Branson. 

Innovative, friendly, trendsetting, courageous, generous… did I describe Richard or Virgin?

It doesn’t freakin’ matter! Because essentially? They’re both the same.

And while that sounds very dramatic, the point is that there is complete brand alignment.

What you see is what you get. Always.

In fact? You end up getting even MORE of what you hoped for + expected from a great brand like Virgin, because (duh!) — of course they overdeliver. And that makes you want MORE of them, because they’re the ones who make your dreams come true.

And again – that’s what we want for YOUR business too.

See, a lot of my clients are struggling with the writing with personality thing and they come to me because they know I can help them. They think I have the right answers for them… but the truth is? I just have the right questions.

YOU always know your answers. (We’re talking about YOUR personality after all.) And all you need? Is someone to ask the right questions — I LOVE doing that.

So right now? I’m gonna ask you 3 key questions! And if you ever struggled with expressing your unique personality online? You better answer them right effin’ now!

1. How would you describe yourself in all honesty (good, bad + ugly, my friend!)?

2. How do others describe your personality?

3. How do you want to be perceived?

If your answers were all the same, congratulations! But if they weren’t? Then you got some work to do!

For example: if you’d describe yourself (in all honesty, that is) as someone who’s scared of speaking to groups, but you wanna be perceived as a confident expert and teacher so that people sign up for your courses, your webinars or even wanna hire you as a live speaker? You might just have a gap to bridge!

What is the goal of this exercise, you wonder? To have all your answers IN ALIGNMENT. That doesn’t mean they have to be all the same. But sometimes you might have to make changes and adaptions.

And what the hell is this exercise even good for? I’ll tell you: CLARITY

If you answer these questions, you get clarity on who you really are, what others say about you and how you WANT to be perceived. Which means that you’ll know which traits of your unique and beautiful personality you need to showcase the most if you wanna be perceived in a certain way (a way that serves you and your business!)

You’ll also know which traits you might NOT want to showcase at all. Or if you do? You might wanna change them into something more positive! You’re gonna be able to see where you have gaps to bridge and work to do.

It might seem obvious to you, but did you ever sit down and DO IT? You know what they say about insight without action… it’s worthless!

So do this exercise now and I’ll promise you’ll get a big shot of clarity.

Clarity is your friend! It’s the starting point. So do not skip it!

We’re all caught up in our own heads, so we hardly ever step out and take a look at ourselves from a different perspective. But this is exactly what I want you to do for yourself right now. 

Get clear on who you are! 

Get clear on what others say about your personality. 

And decide for yourself how you want to be perceived in your business.

That’s your starting point for writing with personalty: YOUR PERSONALITY!

Q+A time!

I know you’re not gonna wanna do this, so here’s an offer: If you’re struggling or have questions? Post them in the comments! I promise I’ll answer each and every one of them! You’re welcome ;)



aka Captain Obvious aka Stop-Reading-My-Stupid-Aka-s-And-Go-Answer-The-Questions!

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{ 2 comments… add one }
  • Sonia May 21, 2014, 12:44 pm

    Hello Hannah,

    I have a good idea in general of what people think about me. If I want to go deeper, what more can I do (what is the best way to ask them)?

    • Hannah May 21, 2014, 4:53 pm

      Hi Sonia!

      That’s a great question! You can always send an email to people and ask them to tell you the 3 things they value most about you. It’s a bit out of the comfort zone, I know… but I did it once and I was surprised by some of the answers. Others see things in you that you sometimes can’t see for yourself :)

      If you’re not comfortable asking others, I recommend taking “tests” like the strengths finder or how to fascinate. Or maybe even read about your sign or get a chart on an astrology website. These are all great (written!) sources to learn more about yourself and super helpful for about pages!

      I hope that answered your question :)

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