How taking a morning dump will make you a better writer (and person!)

I don’t care what anyone says.

Writing is an art.

And how can you get better in your pursuit of any art, really?

BY PRACTICING, of course.

So today I wanna share one of my most sacred practices with you and I highly suggest that you give it a shot as well… (if you want to become a better writer, that is):

Taking a morning dump.

No, not that kind. I’m talking about a brain dump of course. (Don’t you love the toilet humor?)

Here’s exactly what I do:

Every morning I get up, totally ignore my phone (including the 348 messages and emails that are desperately trying to grab my attention), I brew myself a nice cup of Tranquility-Enthusiasm-Awesomeness (also known as TEA) and sit my toosh down to write.

No rules.

No shoulds.

No pressure.

Just me and my journal. I open it up, pick up my favorite (pink) pen and just let it flow.

Before I tell you what I write about and how you can do it too, let me tell you 2 main reasons why this is SO darn important for your entire life and especially to become 999 times better at writing.

  • 1. Repetition is the mother of skill. (My man Tony Robbins said that by the way)

You already know that.

Wanna be a better cook? Then COOK!
Wanna learn how to speak Italian? Then practice and SPEAK!
And wanna learn how to be a kick-ass writer? Then for the love of all things holy: WRITE!

See, you need to practice if you want to get skilled at writing. And I’m making it as easy as possible for you because during your morning dump, you’re gonna be writing for no one but(t) yourself. (It was too hard to resist the butt-joke, sorry :)

The truth is: There’s no need to write blog posts everyday. You don’t have to crank out 3 sales pages a week or pull poems out of your ass like you’re trying to be the next Shakespeare.

Just adopt a daily practice of writing a couple pages for yourself. And you’re gonna become more skilled, your insecurities will fade away and most of all – it’s gonna be FUN for you.

(I’ll show you how to do it in just a second)

  1. 2. Emptying your brain for the day ahead

This is just another benefit I love.

As entrepreneurs, our lives have a tendency to be crazy, busy, hectic.

We go to bed with long-ass todo lists that are dying to be tackled first thing in the morning and thus we wake up with those lists in our minds as well. (Boo.)

Our dreams might even become exhausting as we’re processing our day at night and it can become extremely challenging to find even the tiniest pinch of peace and stillness.

Lord knows there’s A LOT of noise out there.

So why not allow yourself to empty your brain in the morning? I’m telling you – it’s healing. Take 10 minutes for yourself. Don’t speak to anyone. And practice listening to yourself instead, as you write your heart out.

(How did that blog post become so dramatic and turn into spiritual advice? Oh well… you’re welcome ;)

Now let me tell you what you can write about in case you need a touch of inspiration right there (I gotcha covered!).

And these are just my humble suggestions or examples of what I do for myself but fact is that there are no rules! Anything goes. Complete anarchy in your journal! (How awesome is that?)

Here’s stuff you can write about and I promise you’ll never run out of these:

  • What you did the day before (example from my journal: “Yesterday I landed in LA/Toronto/Vienna/Bali/Auckland/Puerto Plata/nameotherrandomplace”)
  • What you’re excited about right now (“I’m so excited to be in LA/Toronto/Vie – ok ok I’ll stop it ;)
  • How you feel (hey, it’s a judgment free zone!)
  • RANT! (“Fucking Facebook is changing everything – AGAIN!!! – and I really feel like kicking some Zuckerberg-ass today!”)
  • Gratitude (I always write down at least 3 things I’m grateful for – but the more the merrier!)
  • Successes + Celebrations (what did you do well, what are your big and small wins?)
  • Plans (for the day, for the week, for world-domination… it doesn’t matter!)
  • Dreams (literally the ones you had the night before or, you know, the big bold ones that you’re chasing right now)
  • Fears (remember that nobody’s gonna read this, so you’re safe!)
  • Hopes
  • Things to manifest (and here’s your first step by writing it down and making it real – yay!)

The list could go on and on but the most important thing is that you just sit down and do it! How bout you give it a try tomorrow morning?

And now I wanna hear from you in the comments:

Tell me one thing you’re going to journal about tomorrow morning and make a commitment right here!

Any other journaling tips and practices you wanna share? Bring them on in the comments!

Big love and happy morning dumps,


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8 thoughts on “How taking a morning dump will make you a better writer (and person!)”

  1. Great article and I love your journal dumping has a framework, rather than endless rambling or moaning which is what puts most people off. Many people say to me when I suggest it as a therapy tool “What do I write?” You just solved the problem! x

  2. Hannah, your email was very well received. It’s timing was impeccable.

    Also, if someone were to take a dump, while they took a dump, they could kill two healthy birds with one stinky stone :)

    You’re awesome!

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