Should you put your prices on your website or not?

Hey gorgeous!

HOW ARE YOU? I’ve missed you, I’ve been in lockdown mode over here and getting a lot of shit done. (Yay me!)

So today I wanted to give you the answer to a question that people ask me ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

The question? Should I put my prices up on my website or not?

Boy this is such a loaded topic! So even though there are probably bookshelves full of opinions on the good old price-hiding problem, let me give you mine today. Of course you still need to decide for yourself and you’re the only one who knows what’s right for your business and what’s not. I just wanna make the decision easier for you ;)

Now let me ask you a question first:

What do YOU personally believe when you don’t see prices on another person’s website? How does that make you feel?

Stop for a second and think about this. 

Done? Perfect.

So what did you feel?

It must be expensive!“.

I probably can’t afford it anyway!“

Man, I have to ask first? What a pain in the ass, I’ll go somewhere else!“

She just wants to get me on the phone so that I can’t say no… I’ll go somewhere else!“

How the hell am I supposed to know if it even makes sense to contact her… I don’t even know if I can pay for this now!“

Sound familiar? Good, because that’s what MOST people think. So if you’re not putting your prices up on your website, you’re probably sending MOST people away. I didn’t say all of them, but you ARE definitely leaving money on the table. Boo.

My friend Monique (hi, darling!) told me she went to a conference a couple weeks ago and the speaker asked Who in this room hates it when there’s no price on a website?“ and almost everybody in the room raised their hands.

Then he asked who actually displayed their prices and only like 3 people raised their hands. What the…?

Hum. That’s interesting. And I remember that he then asked: So I’m in a room full of hypocrites here?“

Not saying that you are a hypocrite obviously. But let me put it that way:

Let’s say you walk by a really nice store, you look into the window and see the most amazing boots ever. You’re crazy in love at the first sight so you’re starting to scan the window for the price. Nope. Nothing there. What do you do? While some of you might go inside and ask, MOST people would think Damn it, if there’s no price these babies MUST be way over my budget. I won’t even try them, I’ll just be disappointed“. So you spare yourself the embarrassing moment of the snobbishly arrogant sales chick telling you the number with a “Yeah, right keep dreaming“-kinda smirk on her face… and you just walk away. You’ll find other boots, right?

Imagine you’re going to the supermarket and there are no prices at all. What do you do? You’d probably end up buying LESS stuff than you want or need, because you’re scared of the bill at the checkout. You don’t wanna be that person who’s standing there being all like Oh, ermmm, sorry but… can I give back the shampoo and the errrr French cheese? And maybe the olives as well…?“ while everybody’s muttering silent curses into their overloaded shopping carts, bitching about how they’re always in the wrong checkout line? No, you don’t want that.

Imagine you’re buying a car and there are no prices at all… you’d probably test-drive the Toyota instead of the BMW, because you’re assuming you can’t afford it anyway. Which might be true in this case, but the fact is that YOU DON’T KNOW.

So all you’re left with is a dangerous assumption. Fear. Insecurity. And a freakin’ Toyota. (No, I’m just kidding, I’m sure your Toyota is a hell of a ride ;)

Do you see my point here?

What are you afraid of? If people wanna work with you, they’re gonna know about the price sooner or later.

It also makes it easier for you because if you display your prices right away, you won’t have people call you who actually can’t afford to work with you… and honestly nobody needs that awkward moment of Oh, really… erm… well… that’s a bit too much for me at the moment, but I errrr…. would like to work with you in the future?!?? beep, beep, beep….“. 

Save yourself and your prospects some time and just be honest with them from the start.

But Hannah, what if I want to get them on the phone before I tell them the price? Once I have people on the phone it’s so much easier for me to make the sale!“ you might wanna say.

I feel ya. And in this case it actually makes sense. BUT even then I’d say just put a number on your cheaper offers. Give people a chance to understand the price range at least. Don’t leave them guessing and hoping that they can afford it once you spit out the number. 

But Hannah… what if it DEPENDS?“ you might wanna say.

Then tell people what it depends on and give them a starting point. „From $999“ or whatever. The important thing is to give them something. If people have to guess and wonder, it doesn’t make them feel good. And I know you want your people to like you, trust you and feel 100% safe and taken care of. So make sure that’s the feeling you’re giving them. Period.

Alrighty, that was my take on the price-hiding problem and now I’d love to hear from YOU:

Are your prices up on your site? Why/why not? Let’s share a little bit and help each other out in the comments!

Have you ever been in one of these awkward moments yourself? I’d love to hear your story!

And: How’s your summer so far? Full of ice-cream and beach parties? I sure hope so!

Sending you a big hug,


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21 thoughts on “Should you put your prices on your website or not?”

  1. Great opinion Hannah! Thanks for settling the debate :)

    I definitely agree with you, and have just recently upgraded my Work With Me page to include my prices, as well as commitment terms. I feel like there is less pressure on my phone calls now, because they already know how it works, and they are obviously still interested in working with me. I’m glad I got rid of the pricing fear!

  2. I totally agree with you. There are people that I would love to work with but when I don’t see a price and I have to apply for their service I get scared off and automatically think that I can’t afford it. When in actual fact if I knew the fee I would hustle my butt off to get the money to make it work.

  3. I agree. I love transparency. I always put prices on the site. I feel like if you dont put prices on the site it’s like you are turning people away and in a way its like what are they afraid of?
    The way I see it is – if you communicate the benefit of the offering then even if the price may seem high at first glance, the people that truly want what you deliver will see the value. Besides, why waste everybody’s time?
    And yes, I normally click away if I don’t see the price. I need to know if its in my range. I mean, imagine going to store and not being able to see the price before trying on the item and having a long conversation with the sales associate before finding it out! lol, i don’t think that happens ;)

  4. I was at that conference you mentioned when the presenter asked the audience who has their prices on their website…and who hates when they visit a site and there’s no price. It was amazing. That convinced me to put my price on my site. And for me, it does depend on what services and the frequency a client wants them when it comes to my price. So I listed a range. My site says packages range from $500 to $2000 per month.

    1. Oh Adrienne, that’s so funny that you were there too :) Yeah, a range totally works, like I said then people can get a picture at least and it makes their decision much easier! Good to see you over here!


  5. Thanks for this article!:-)
    It is almost everyday I am asking myself this question, also because I leave in Switzerland and people are shy talking about money. I had a few people saying that I should not put my prices on my site, but I feel I would be hidding something. So glad to read your article because I do not like when someone does not show prices, I tend to move on…. so now I think I am going to be more peaceful about all of this!

  6. Yay for new posts! Love this! And I needed it. You know I’ve been debating this for a while… I’ve always found it hard to post prices because each project is SO custom. But you’re right, and I actually can’t wait to post my new packages next month! Even getting one of those cute graphics with the checkboxes haha.. You know the ones!

    Okay, last day of vacay and it’s back to the grind tomorrow. Let’s skype this week! And prices on my website, coming right up! XOXO

    ~Lauren :)

  7. This is SO TRUE! I’m a Holistic Therapy Practitioner for animals and it bugs the bejesus out of me when I see other practitioners who don’t have their prices listed. Nobody likes being wrestled into a sale they know they can’t afford, so most peeps are going to avoid that situation as much as possible.

  8. Love this, such wise insights. I hope every solopreneur or small business owners reads this. “WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? IF PEOPLE WANNA WORK WITH YOU, THEY’RE GONNA KNOW ABOUT THE PRICE SOONER OR LATER.”

  9. Totally agree Hannah! I hate going on sites and not being able to see if the price is right or not, and it is super awkward when you ask and it’s out of your price range (or what it’s worth to you).
    I’ve my prices on my site and I’m happy to have them there. If someone wants to work with me then it’s up front and easy for them to see. Hopefully all the other stuff I do shows the value that they will get the level I operate at. Great post and love your work!

  10. hey, I’m really glad you put it this way and gave the example of looking at clothes with no price tags! When this happens to me, I actually walk away because I feel I shouldn’t have hunt someone down to ask!

  11. Hi Hannah,
    New fan here ;) Thx Tarah Millen from 40belowfruity :)
    I love this !! As I am working on my website now ( health coach services…yeah adversiting, why not lol) , I listed the prices loud and clean on the “services” page but have been wondering about for two days.
    SO I am so glad I read this post and now I am convinced to keep the prices. “Cheap labor ain’t good, good labor ain’t cheap” I love this!! if you can’t afford working with then please do not contact me :)
    Thank you so much .
    P.S: Loved the free ebook I downloaded ;)

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