Kiya Knight @

Working with Hannah was amazing. She stayed on schedule and had a clear system we followed so I always knew where we were at in the process. This system also allowed Hannah to get to know me and my style really well so she could write copy that sounded like me. I was very pleased with the final website copy and I recommend her to people ALL the time! Thanks Hannah, you rock!

Adrienne Richardson @

Hannah has the magic touch when it comes to bringing out your brand online with words!  She has created many sales pages for my online business Sue B. Zimmerman – and they all convert! Hannah is now a part of our creative team and I don’t make a move without her. It’s so important to work with others who have skills that you lack and Hannah always created results for my business. If you want to stand out from the crowd you have to work with her!

Sue B. Zimmerman, Captain of Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprises, Instagram Gal @

In just one hour with Hannah I have learned how to write a sales page and can use that again and again in the future I loved the crystal clear advice Hannah gave me on our call and then the easy-to-follow notes for me to implement instantly. Nothing remained unclear! I also gained more self confidence in writing a sales page myself!! And even if I can now write a sales page I will probably always want quick feedback from Hannah as an expert. I recommend Hannah to people like myself: solopreneurs, who need advice on their copy that works. Hannah is very approachable and easy to talk to – just like talking to a friend :-) She delivers excellent value and actionable advice!! Love it!

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, Passion To Profit Coach @

I have already hired Hannah twice and optimized my entire website copy with her help over the last 2 years. Every time we worked together, I did not only get way more of my ideal clients, but I also managed to pour more of my own energy into my copy… making my message crystal clear and super focused. Where I used to sound “nice” and “cute”, Hannah came in and transformed my copy into sharp, colorful words with a high memorability. Hannah took me by the hand, walked me through the entire process of writing effective copy that converts and I then went on to create it myself. She has created a “DIY-Kit” for simply jaw-dropping and magnetic copy that gives you goosebumps and really touches the hearts of my customers. Working with Hannah is so much fun on top of that, so I’d highly recommend her for anything related to copywriting and conversions.

JyotiMa Flak @

Working with Hannah has given me confidence to be true to myself when writing content for my website. Hannah taught me to be “super specific” and put myself in my client’s shoes when writing. Because of Hannah’s expertise, the copy on my website reflects my personality and my ideal customers. Using some of Hannah’s strategies, I emailed Arianna Huffington and I received a reply within 3 days to be featured on the Huffington Post. I recommend Hannah to anyone who wants real copy on their website or for their business.

Denise Loutfi @

Working with Hannah was like someone coming along and extracting the jumbled mess that was in my head and then miraculously presenting it back to me in a beautiful form that flowed from the page. She worked tirelessly to produce page after page after thoroughly interviewing me to ensure she truly ‘got it’ – perhaps even better than me! If you are looking for a committed copywriter with flair and lightness then Hannah’s your girl.

Jennie Harland-Khan @

Hannah is my go-to copywriter + online marketing partner when I need to make an impression. She writes with my PERSONALITY and her magnetic copy converts. She is a dedicated pro who knows what it means to honor crazy timelines, launch schedules and works great with others. She nailed our brand message in a way that feels fresh, relevant & smart. She’s a joy to work with!

Annette Saldana, The Art and Science of Irresistible Requests @

I was referred to Hannah a few years ago when I had my website redesigned, she got me and my needs immediately, and I loved her smart, funny and easy-going personality. She made it easy to work with her, and nothing was too much trouble. It was like working with a friend who has super powers when it comes to copy writing. I must have written and rewritten my website copy a million times, I was so frustrated with never quite getting the message across and reaching the people I wanted to reach. When Hannah sent me the first draft it was one of those moments when all my copy burdens melted away, I finally felt that my website and my business were in safe hands! We had a short deadline and Hannah worked like crazy to get it all done, she was gracious, honest, and delivered all with a sense of humour and heart. It was important to me that she was approachable and understanding as well as skilled and committed to delivering. She is all of those things and more. Hannah has great business skills, she has a sharp intuition and a magical way with words. She understands how people think. I love what she does and how she does it and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to find the right words for their website.
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Rachel Scoltock, Inventive Energy Therapist and Angel Medium @

Hannah is a copy writing ninja! Before working with her I felt blocked and even ashamed by some of my website content. After only one day of working with her and doing the heavy-lifting prework, I got so clear on who I am talking to and what I want to say that I went on autopilot mode was able to write in a way that made me go. Wow! This is awesome stuff! What was so awesome is that it came from my heart with effortless ease, joy and fun! Now, I feel proud to share my website with the world as it represents who I am and what I am taking a stand for.

Philippe Bartu, Purpose Coach @

Working with Hannah is an advantageous move every business owner should make. She has a gift for being able to translate your passion into words. I’m one of those people who could ramble on and on about my services without getting to the point. Hannah was able to inject my personality and business message into my website. My new amazing copy is authentic and effective, which is a good combo.

Melissa Matos, Visioneer and Coach @

Hannah’s about page guide was perfect! When creating our website and about page, my business partner Maria and I were struggling because, well, about pages are daunting! What do you talk about? Where to begin? This guide was basically a plug and play format that is perfect for everyone struggling with the same thing. Its detailed, to-the-point and SO helpful! We highly recommend it!

Melissa P., Co-Director – SuperChicks Camp @

My business is now making money and is not the hobby it previously was! What I liked best about working with Hannah is her expertise wrapped in her attitude – she made me work hard but made me see and feel the results quickly. She motivated me to get my arse in gear and sort it out and I feel like it was an amazing catalyst. It was a Business Intervention – not just a Copy Intervention My Copy Intervention got me really clear on EXACTLY and SPECIFICALLY who my ideal customer is so I can speak and connect with only them rather than in a generic way. In fact, I was clearer on my ideal customer from an hour with Hannah than I was after every course I took. Because Hannah’s energy fueled my motor to get this DONE and done PROPERLY and not shy away from the work Hannah is an expert at what she does – there is no wastage or general advice when it comes to working with her. I would particularly recommend Hannah to people who have a website that is not delivering the results they need it to – something is missing and it’s probably the killer copy! Working with Hannah is like a hot yoga class – you’ll need to sweat. But once it’s done you will feel so good and will deliver the results your business needs. I was so surprised of the IMPACT I felt the Copy Intervention directly made to how I feel about my business and how, as the fact that I now have paying clients proves, it actually is the words that play a major part of driving people to contact me. Hannah has a gift and she was born to do this and I’m so glad I had a Copy Intervention with her!
Lucy Sheridan

Lucy Sheridan @

My newsletter sign-ups have doubled within 2 weeks! The first thing I implemented after my Copy Intervention were the changes Hannah recommended for my opt-in. Even though my traffic was the same, my newsletter sign-ups have doubled within 2 weeks! I loved that Hannah coached me through the process of focusing on the reader and the specific results that they’re looking for. This is something that I was terrified of before. But now I’m completely comfortable with it! I even wrote some sales material today and ENJOYED it! My copy is so much better because now I finally know what I was doing right and wrong. I feel SO much more confident when I’m writing for my website, newsletter and blog. I definitely recommend Hannah and her services to anyone who wants to run a successful online business or blog. Hannah is extremely thorough! She completely focused on my personal goals and gave me feedback that covered everything I needed to do. Her step by step instructions are so easy to follow that she’s basically doing the work for you! I’m a Hannah advocate!

Naomi Goodlet, Wellness Coach & Mindfulness Crusader @

Boy, Hannah really knows her stuff! From design to content and copy-writing, she’s got a great handle on what really makes a website shine. The big hesitation I had was whether I’d hear anything I didn’t already know. I’ve done my research on website design, layouts and copy-writing and thought I’d done a pretty good job. I was also concerned that I’d get recommendations that I couldn’t implement myself. I am not in the position to hire a professional web designer and I was worried any advice I got would require more skills than I had to implement. After working with Hannah, I now have confidence that my DIY’d website doesn’t look DIY’d! The specific things Hannah recommended changing were clear and easy for me to implement (even with my minimal WordPress skills!) and really take it to that pro level. Who knew it would be that easy!? What I liked best about working with Hannah was the sales copy she wrote specifically for me. This was very unexpected but amazingly useful! Great small pieces of copy I can (and will!) use throughout my site and product descriptions. Hannah’s advice was clear and easy for me to implement but it made a HUGE improvement in the overall functionality and professionalism of my site. This service is a great, cost-effective way to get quality professional input on your site.

Connie Holen @

Hannah is full of spunk and is so fun to work with. She was super thorough when getting to know me and my project… I loved how she took the time to really get the feel of who I was and what my business and project were all about. Hannah is a dynamite copywriter and I love everything she writes. Her blog is one of the few I read all the way through because it is fun, conversational and impactful and that is what she brings to her clients and the projects she works on. I loved working with Hannah because she was there when I needed her, she got things done when she said she would and I knew she was dedicated to making the copy really speak to those who would be reading it and help my story shine and really connect. Hannah took what I wrote and instead of me having to stress over it for hours… reading, re-writing, editing, changing it up… I just sent over the draft and she worked her magic and sent it to me ready to be put on my site… so easy, so painless… this is worth so much to me in my biz because your words are what captivate your readers and turn them into fans and customers. I knew this and would remain stuck because I just didn’t know how to add that extra zing to my copy and that is just what Hannah did… added a whole lotta zing. I am forever grateful that I have Hannah on my dream team, she is absolutely fabulous at what she does.

Chantelle Adams, Motivational Speaker @

In the past 2 months my subscriber list has quadrupled! Working with Hannah will exceed your expectations! Hannah saw the fire that I was not fully expressing and encouraged me to go for it. She gave me the exact feedback I needed to hear that has launched my brand and company to new heights. I went from mediocre to brilliant. Don’t believe me? Read my copy. I’ve got my finger on eye catching content that provides so much value. In the past 2 months my subscriber list has quadrupled because I’m sharing valuable content that is sizzling in smart, clever, fearless, and bold copy! Readers personally thank me for my blog posts, free ebook, paid ebook and are signing up for first dibs on my upcoming program. I’m floored at the results. Hannah has changed me forever because now I have the permission to be my own bold and sassy self. Now I am unapologetically passionate about how I want to improve my industry and the careers of thriving actors, writers, and performing artists! Hannah takes something that’s good and shows you how to set in on fire. Hannah I am forever grateful for your brilliance because you’ve showed me how to impact the world with unforgettable copy.

Melanie Kastner, Career and Business Strategist for Writers, Actors and Performing Artists @

Hannah is the Copy Queen, the Website Mama and your personal business girlfriend. Honestly, I LOVE her! I adore her no bullshit attitude, her direct raw, authentic voice, her sexy style and even her music taste ;). She is the absolute Maximiser, whether you are just starting out or already flying high – believe me: she can and will take you higher! She helped me to identify weak spots in the structure of my website, the formatting and of course the copy. She encouraged me to tell my story and find my authentic copy voice. Did I say I love her? You will too!

Nina Winner, Birth Coach and Mama Mentor @

Hannah is a creative genius! Working with Hannah was pure fun. She is a creative genius and was able to take the vision I had in my head and translate it into a business name and tagline that works for me. Hannah is all about authenticity and was able to extrapolate what I’m all about from her laser questions and genuine curiosity. She’s super professional and gave me so much love and attention it was simply an awesome experience to work with her. I’m sure I’ll be working with Hannah again for future projects.

Siobhan Barnes, Founder of The Neon Life Society @

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