Why Persuasion Sucks

I’m gonna go out on a limb here today… and say that persuasion sucks.

Well… that’s not entirely true. Persuasion doesn’t suck if you just want to make money. But I’m guessing that’s not all you’re here for, right?

Me, personally? I believe in a greater cause.

See, persuasion can be very powerful. But at the same time it can also be very forceful. And in my opinion someone who’s been persuaded to buy something doesn’t feel the same (or: is not on the same vibration) as someone who simply and freely chooses to buy something.

There’s a difference between finding a nice handbag you fall in love with and choose to buy.

Or walking past the handbag store, being persuaded to come in and buy a bag.

Did you really need that bag?
Did you really want it?
Or did you simply buy it because you felt like you had to?

It’s “I couldn’t resist” vs “I wanted the bag”.

It’s feeling almost powerless vs feeling completely in charge.

And the “I couldn’t resist” version often comes with feelings of guilt and regret.

“I didn’t REALLY need it, but I just couldn’t resist.”

How many times has that happened to you in the past? How many courses have you bought and didn’t even make it through module 1 (yet)? How many lists have you subscribed to and now you’re deleting all the emails without even opening them (because ain’t nobody got time to unsubscribe)?

We’ve all done it and I’m raising both of my hands here too.

Fact is: The “I’ve been persuaded version” comes with worrying whether you made the right choice, with second guessing yourself later on and – worst case – it comes with feeling like a powerless victim, too.

And that ain’t nothing I support.

When someone decides to spend money with me, I want them to feel high vibrational shit like joy, excitement, anticipation, gratitude. You know… the good stuff :)

So I guess the question really is: When do we regret our buying decisions?

And I find that many times, the answer is when we’ve been persuaded to buy. (Whether we actually needed that thing or not doesn’t matter, the point is that the energy is different from choosing freely!)

I’m not saying all persuasion tools are evil. Or that you shouldn’t use them in your business because that’s bullshit. What I am saying though, is that you should use these tools with caution and care.

I feel like there’s a lot of (sketchy) folks out there who use persuasion tactics to sell whatever they gotta sell… and sell shitloads of it too. Because – yeah – persuasion works.

But when you use those tools to make a quick buck, then you as a business owner…

a) have the risk that people will regret their decision (because they realize that they didn’t need the thing in the first place or even worse… they realize they’ve been persuaded into buying something instead of choosing freely and might feel dumb, frustrated or pissed – which CANNOT be good for your business).

b) are kinda missing the point… which is to be of service and then be rewarded for being of service – not just to “make shitloads of money” (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong… but you’ll do that anyway when you’re truly being of service)

You feel me?

Well, admittedly, maybe you’re not feeling me just yet.

So let me offer you a different concept.

How bout instead of persuading people, you could convince people?

How bout instead of influencing them to take action, you could first make them see their truth? And then they can take action in alignment with that.

Too cryptic?

Ok, let me explain.

To me, persuading people means using language and other tools to get them to do what YOU want them to do. (buy now, sign up here, take those pants off, whatever…)

Convincing people means using the same tools to make them see THEIR truth. And THEN they can choose freely whether they want to take action or not.

And yes, you might be losing sales with the second one.

But what do you win?

You win people who are 100% sure they want what you have to offer.

You win raving fans for life who’ll never regret their decision of working with you or buying from you.

You win people who are excited, ecstatic and super motivated about whatever it is that they gave you their money for.

And on an energetic level you win like a motherfucker.

Because you’re leaving the realms of guilt, fear, pressure, shame and so on… moving on up to the positive shit which will benefit you in the long run – and everybody else too.

So to me persuasion isn’t evil or terrible.

It’s simply the quantity over quality version of the game. It’s the short-term over long-term choice. And that? Is simply not ma thang!

But now I want to hear from you!

Have you ever felt persuaded to buy something?
How did that make you feel?
And are you willing to make the mindset-shift and convince people instead?





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10 thoughts on “Why Persuasion Sucks”

  1. I’m 100% with you on this! I’ve had several successful small businesses online and off. Through the years I’ve taken several sales courses and almost every copywriting course out there it’s fun to play with copy and engage readers but the idea of applying some high pressure, BS sales tactics or fake scarcity are things I’ve never been able to force myself do and to be honest I never had to. Did I leave plenty of money on the table? Maybe but that’s the only things I left ;-)

    1. Good for you, Tatiana, I love that you never had to do that. Same here and I’m not planning to transform into a creepy “pusher” anytime soon :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I really appreciate you!


  2. I was persuaded to buy a course online for learning to blog and it was a waste Coz I couldn’t finish it! I do have life Time access I guess but I haven’t even looked at it
    The only benefit that came out of it was the private access to the Facebook page and sometimes I can consult with people
    So convincing someone is way better than persuading ! Thx Hannah xoxo

  3. Hi Hannah! (awesome name, btw! ;-) )

    THANK YOU for this refreshing view on sales! It’s been sorely needed and I’ve felt like an idiot/alien for not wanting to push, push, push my prospective clients into buying something they don’t actually want.

    Thank you.

    1. Yeah girl, I like your name too :D

      Thank you so much for the love, I really appreciate it! You’re not an idiot/alien, you’re a loving human being and I applaud you for that!


  4. Interesting thing about writing copy though, right?

    I’ve just worked with a client, and I wasn’t totally onboard with what she was selling, even though it came from her heart. So writing to be persuasive felt a little “off” coming from me. But I sold out anyway cuz I’m trying to build my portfolio!

    1. Hahaha good for you girl. I totally hear you and I think we all do that when we just start out. So it’s totally fine and that’s part of the joy of building a business and growing… soon you get to choose who you work with! ;)


  5. Hey you!

    I’m glad you wrote this. I’ve been feeling this way too and about a particular persuasion “expert” whose stuff I’ve bought and hasn’t helped me that much! A lot of sparkles and the substance isn’t even doing what the person promised. Probably because I reworked the templates so they don’t sound so skeezy. And yet I’d much rather convince than persuade too, my friend. Integrity is EVERYTHANG.

    Much love!

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