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I know how easy it is to get lost in the forest of details.

To get caught up in unimportant small things.

And to lose track of your big-picture-goals.

There’s so much information out there, it would take you 12 years just to read all of it + excavate the gold from the huge amount of crap.

But ain’t nobody got 12 years to waste + I know that YOU want results fast.

That’s why I created this series called Back to Basics for you!

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Have you ever been to Ikea?

If you’re one of the blessed souls who don’t even know what an “Ikea” is + you’re picturing a colorful parrot right now? Nope.

That’s a “Kea”:

And it’s nothing like what I “experienced” in the last 2 days:

Ikea. The Swedish furniture company responsible famous for cute yellow-and-blue megastores all over everywhere, product names that sound like rare diseases, furniture you “get to build yourself” at home and of course: meat balls. (I’m using the term “of course” here as if it was the most natural thing to eat meatballs whenever you buy a new wardrobe… But it’s NOT!)

Anyway. Ikea-prices are okay + their stuff looks nice, so EVERYBODY goes there.

It’s one of those places you drive to — say around noon on a Tuesday — and it’s freakin’ crowded. And you’re saying to yourself: “Does nobody have to work anymore? Jeez, what’s everybody doing here at this time?”

But right before you start to complain about all these useless people and how they should buy their stuff on Friday afternoons and Saturdays like they’re supposed to?

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Do you sometimes hate what you create?

Do you get super excited about ideas but then feel like you can’t pull em off (because you and pretty much everything you do sucks)

Do you have a collection of unfinished blog posts, half-written about pages and “new product ideas” tucked away in a dusty folder somewhere on your MacBook?

I feel ya.

It happens to the best of us, but last week?

I saw one of these smart(ass) Facebook-graphics that are supposed to bring enlightenment to you and turn your life around or something.


The graphic was like a high five in the face for me. And it went something like this:

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Did you ever write a blog post that went VIRAL?

That got 10 times more comments than anything else you’ve ever written?

That got shared and liked and tweeted about for DAYS?

Turns out: I did last week.

And I REALLY didn’t see this coming. In fact: I was scared that people are gonna hate the post, decide that I suck and unsubscribe.

But then? The exact opposite happened!

I had new subscribers rolling in like muddy Mustangs into a cheerleader bikini-car-wash.

And while I’m on it: THANK YOU! Again. You’re sweeter than the chocolate chip cake I’m about to eat and cooler than Mr. White. And I love you long time!

Ok, enough with the sweet talk.

Now what are the 6 essential ingredients that YOU need to have in order for your next blog post to go viral?

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Now this is a risky blog post.

Some people might be offended. Some might think I suck. And some might even unsubscribe.

Because today? I’m gonna share the 5 words I don’t wanna hear in 2014.

Plus? The reasons why you should avoid these words in your copy like the plague if you don’t wanna sound boring and like everybody else.

And yes, there’s a chance you might be using some of these words right now! (Panic?)

But the truth is? I’ve been using some of them myself! Not all of them, mind you. But some? Yup! Guilty.

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For me writers’ block means not knowing what the hell to write about. It’s not about the actual content. It’s about coming up with a topic!

Once you figure out a topic to write about, the blank page is not your enemy anymore.

(I should really get my ass over to twitter soon!) ;)

So how do you manage to come up with a fresh, valuable and interesting topic that knocks your readers out of their christmas-themed knit-socks week after week?

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I wanna apologize for being a little absent lately – last Thursday I had my final exam. Fingers crossed and you can call me Master Of Law very soon. Woohoo!

Today I’m gonna do a bit of a soul-striptease for you (nothing nasty, I promise!) and share a universal truth that will change your life forever. Sounds super dramatic, but it’s quite simple once you break it down to what it really is. Ready for it?

I used to be very “an-eye-for-an-eye-y” a couple of years ago. What? That means I didn’t forgive easily. If at all.

I was more like… a bitch. (no need to bullshit anyone here) I used to judge the crap out of people as if I was something better. As if I knew it all. Had it aaaall figured out.

What the hell was I thinking?


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