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You know how everyone and their hamster has these typical, pretty, sleek and friendly-smiley pictures up on their website? And they all kinda look the same?

Sure, I got these pictures too (and chances are: so do you!). It’s nice to have em, these nice-girl pics and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.

But (did you sense this “but” was coming? ;) I say: your pictures are an opportunity to stand out like a flamingo in a sea of pigeons. (Not saying that everyone else is a pigeon obviously or that pigeons are bad just because they shit all over the place… and how did I just get myself into this awkward conversation about pigeons? Well, anyway… back to the point!)

The pictures you put up on your website are an amazing opportunity to stand out, define your brand and SELL your awesome shiz.

Are you taking this opportunity? Are you making the most out of your pictures? Or are they just some snapshots you randomly took with your iPhone? Are you putting thought and STRATEGY into your images? Or are you just smiling into the camera, hoping to look at least somewhat professional (like I used to do)?

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How are you, gorgeous?

I’m sitting here at the Airport of Nice in South France — looking bored on the outside but thinking HEAVILY on the inside — pouring my golden heart out to you. So let me ask you something…

Are you running your business like a pro but it still feels like a job sometimes?

Do you love your clients dearly but you’re still bending over backwards, trying a bit too hard to please them?

Are you spending all your time in front of your MacBook, still not taking care of your body, your mind and your spirit like you should?

You quit your annoying day job long time ago and now you finally do what you love… KINDA.

Oh boy — and this is the trap.

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Hey gorgeous!

HOW ARE YOU? I’ve missed you, I’ve been in lockdown mode over here and getting a lot of shit done. (Yay me!)

So today I wanted to give you the answer to a question that people ask me ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

The question? Should I put my prices up on my website or not?

Boy this is such a loaded topic! So even though there are probably bookshelves full of opinions on the good old price-hiding problem, let me give you mine today. Of course you still need to decide for yourself and you’re the only one who knows what’s right for your business and what’s not. I just wanna make the decision easier for you ;)

Now let me ask you a question first:

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Has this ever happened to you:

You meet a person and the two of you totally hit it off? You connect instantly, you get each others jokes and you’re totally feeling it?

It’s almost like a spark that lights up a fire inside of you. And so you burn: You feel an instant sense of being understood, of trust and comfort. Relief. Arrival.

“It’s like we’ve known each other for years!“

We’ve all said that about someone at some point in our lives, right? “Where the hell have you been so long!?“

I’m sure this has happened to you.

But has it also happened ONLINE?

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Hey, gorgeous!

Finally part 4 of my Back to Basics series is here. And it’s a big one.

At first I didn’t think it was necessary to cover this topic, but? Turns out I was wrong!

Yesterday I was talking to my lovely client Michelle (Hi, Michelle!) on our Copy Intervention call + realized I have to write about this today:

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Ok, darling.

Did the headline scare you? Are you hopelessly disgusted by the word persuasion? And does it make you think of all the evil assholes out there who are taking advantage of good + honorable people by babbling them into spending hundreds of Dollars on a vacuum cleaner they absolutely don’t need?

I get it.

We’re all scared of being perceived as slimy, sleazy or pushy when it comes to selling our stuff. (And honestly: a lot of people out there totally are!)

But in order to sell?

You need to be persuasive!

And in order to be persuasive?

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Hey gorgeous!

It’s time for part 2 of my copywriting series called Back to Basics. We’re gonna talk about EMOTIONS today! (In case you missed part 1, you should totally go read that first here!)

And I’m gonna get right to it – no long talking!

Because in writing, just like in life?

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