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6 Essential Ingredients To Make Your Content Go Viral


Did you ever write a blog post that went VIRAL?

That got 10 times more comments than anything else you’ve ever written?

That got shared and liked and tweeted about for DAYS?

Turns out: I did last week.

And I REALLY didn’t see this coming. In fact: I was scared that people are gonna hate the post, decide that I suck and unsubscribe.

But then? The exact opposite happened!

I had new subscribers rolling in like muddy Mustangs into a cheerleader bikini-car-wash.

And while I’m on it: THANK YOU! Again. You’re sweeter than the chocolate chip cake I’m about to eat and cooler than Mr. White. And I love you long time!

Ok, enough with the sweet talk.

Now what are the 6 essential ingredients that YOU need to have in order for your next blog post to go viral?

This was the last Breaking Bad reference, I promise!

Now why does it make a difference for your blog post to go viral… when you should always be honest anyway?

Because there’s a difference between genuinely “being honest” and just “telling the truth”.

Telling the truth when you’re asked is easy. But being honest? Means saying something that YOU feel needs to be said. Even though nobody ever asked you for it.

And yes! — that’s risky.

Because many times? People won’t give a crap about “what you feel needs to be said”.

But the other times? When people also NEED TO HEAR what you feel needs to be said?


You hit GOLD!

Your brutal and unapologetic honesty will set people free.

They will be so relieved and thankful that — finally! — there’s somebody who said what they’ve been (secretly) thinking for so long.

And as a result? They’re gonna share it with aaaaallll the people they know. So that they can feel relieved too.

2. Being Ballsy

I knew I was gonna step on people’s toes with this one. A lot.

But that didn’t stop me.

There was a risk and so I took it. Now hello there, sweet rewards!

It’s funny how once you put on your big girl pants grow a pair and finally get out of your own way? Your success is for certain!

Like all the good things in life: this DOES take courage.

So are you gonna chicken out on your own success? Or take a deep breath and JUST.DO.IT?

3. Making It Short And Effective

The aim of my post was not to list out every annoying word on the planet. There’s probably not enough space on the internet for that.

My goal was to have only a few impactful words that I “see around” a lot. So that people get a chance to come up with better words and be able to stand out from the crowd.

And while I do like long posts, there’s one thing for certain:

Short gets read. Period.

Of course it’s easier to convince people to read 2 pages than 10. Sometimes less really is more.

4. Authenticity

I consciously chose not to censor myself.

When I was writing my blog post I didn’t think “What would people like to hear?”. I was asking myself: “What would I say to my best friend if she was sitting on the couch next to me?”.

I got real. I got raw. And I was 100% authentic.

If you know me in person, then you know. And if you don’t and you’ll ever meet me? This is exactly who I’m gonna be.

(A little side note here: I’ve been meeting with a lot of my Copy Intervention clients on Skype lately. And they told me that it was so great for them to experience that I’m exactly like they pictured me from my copy. THIS is what you want for you business too! And you’ll ONLY attract your perfect dream clients!)

5. Strong Opinion

“Show me yours, I’ll show you mine”

..is pretty much what happens when you share your opinion on something.

It’s like a button. And when you press it? It makes others wanna share their opinion too!

There’s probably boatloads of research papers and psychological data explaining this phenomenon, but who cares? It sure as hell works!

And it will lead to a fun and exciting conversation in the comments on your blog. And on Facebook. And maybe some people are even gonna “pin” it. (Still haven’t figured that one out quite yet)

Bottom-line is: You’ll be throwing your audience a party they sure as hell won’t forget! (Except if they like to party Hangover-style. Then we got a problem!)

6. ;)

Why in the name of Beyoncé do I include that stupid winky-face as a point?

Because, you know… It’s all about the fun, right? ;)

Life is much more fun when you live it with a winky-face.

It doesn’t have to be so serious at all.

So bring your inappropriate jokes. Bring your puns. Crack them up.

Because there’s nothing better than having a good laugh with your friends.

Now it’s time for YOU!

Did you ever write a blog post that went viral? Share it in the comments!
Which of the ingredients are you lacking right now? Let me know and we will fix it!



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  • Dinami MF January 20, 2014, 12:23 am

    Loved this. Thanks Hannah!

    • Hannah January 20, 2014, 12:36 am

      You’re welcome! Good to see you around here and I’m curious which one of your posts is gonna go viral ;)

  • Lucy January 24, 2014, 6:12 pm

    Hey Hannah

    Another insightful and enjoyable read – really enforces the fantastic pointers that I received from you in my copy intervention. I’m making good progress and these 6 steps are great extra measures to keep me absolutely and sharply on compass!

    Can’t wait to share the ‘refresh’ with you – making good progress :)

    Love Lucy xx

    • Hannah January 24, 2014, 7:48 pm

      Thank you Lucy!!

      Hahaha, I guess you get bonus points for double progress ;) Glad I could help with this and I can’t wait to hear about your results!

  • Lucy January 24, 2014, 6:13 pm

    Lol – sorry I must be totally psyched as just saw I put the progress thing twice. Over keen! xxx

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