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From “Meh” To Mindblowing: What To Do To Hit Home With Your Blog


Usually when we talk about writing here: we talk about copy. Which means everything on your website from your about page to your product descriptions. The ultimate goal here is to sell.

But today let’s talk about your blog. Yeah, it’s also on your website, but it requires a slightly different approach. The primary goal of your blog is to engage your readers and build an actual relationship with them.

Do you write a blog?

Most of the blogs out there are boring, salesy and full of ego.

Here are 4 things you can (and should) do so that your blog doesn’t suffer from the same disease:

1. Read.

“DUH!” you might think. But are you doing it?

Don’t just read blogs and newsletters. Read a real book!

I’m talking fiction here.

If you wanna learn the facets of language that make your writing oh-so-special and actually make your readers FEEL something, read a novel. A poem. A play if you have to.

I read every day. Fiction and non-fiction. And shitloads of emails, but that’s a whole different story.

Fiction will feed your brain a fresh set of words. It will nurture your style. Words, metaphors and stories will pop up in your brain like annoying “Hot Girl In Your Area” sites when you’re just trying to stream some Game Of Thrones.

Go get inspired by all of the amazing artists out there who manage to create kingdoms, continents or freaking planets with just their words.

You gotta have a little imagination, my friend. Let it run wild!

You don’t have to create the next Mordor or Hogwarts. Just bathe in the ocean of endless possibilities that are words. (You also don’t have to talk like that.)

Either way – reading fiction will light a fire under your imagination’s ass and inspire you to write like you mean it. Your readers will feel it! And it will flow easier for you as well.

2. Write


Do you wanna punch me, my friend?

GREAT! Why not use that opportunity to do it verbally. Describe to me in the comments HOW exactly you’re fantasizing about punching me right now!

Are you gonna form a firm fist with your right hand to direct it at my nose from a 78 degree angle?

Do you feel like bitch-slapping me ghetto-style so you can hear the loud, clapping noise in the crowded coffee shop 3 blocks down the street?

Would you use objects like maybe the oldschool yet classic glove to insult me?

(I’m totally a pacifist by the way. All love and fairytales. But sometimes it’s good to let it all out, so please proceed! I’ll gladly be your punching ball.)

In case you’re afraid that I lost it completely, I didn’t. I DO have a point.

Being descriptive. Specific. Explicit.

I just described 3 very different scenarios, yet they all file under the same thing: “punching somebody”.

This is what makes your writing come to life. It makes your readers’ imagination take off like a Boeing 777. And takes them right where you want them to be: with you!

Being descriptive in your writing engages your readers 183-times more. At least.

As a reader you paint pictures in your head and participate emotionally. This triggers a much stronger reaction than the same actual content written in a non-descriptive style.

So if you want highly engaged readers on your blog: give them something specific to remember and talk about!

3. Have A Clear Mission

Why is this important for your blog?

Well, it’s important for your entire business and brand, but a lot of us tend to get stuck on writing blog posts. Or newsletters. (I totally do!)

And having a clear mission always reminds you of what you’re here for. It inspires you to come up with amazing content.

Let go of the money for a second. Why are you really doing this?

Me for example? I wanna be part of something bigger than myself. I wanna join the ongoing revolution of people who say “fuck, no!” to being a 9-5-prisoner and selling their freaking souls to some company they hate. And my way of contributing is through words. I write for my peeps and help them take off in their businesses. Everybody wins.

So when I don’t know what to write about, I just think of why I’m doing this in the first place. This will put things in a different perspective for you and allow you to come up with topics that your readers really wanna hear about.

It can be so easy to lose sight of your mission with all the distractions out there. (And inside.)

Never forget your mission. It’s your most important asset.

Wow, that was some heavy shit right there!

Moving on…

4. Don’t Write A Freaking Diary

Unless maybe you make money teaching people how to write a diary.

Do you?

Your blog is NOT a diary. Blogs might have started out as diaries back in the days (is it already time to pull that one off? Not sure…), but times have changed!

And still… I see way too many diary-blogs out there. That are all about the writer.

I mean, would you still be reading this if up until now I would’ve been talking about my cat? And how I had such a horrible day because Mitzi threw up on the carpet and I had to clean this mess—- STOP IT, PLEASE!

Just for the record: I don’t even have a cat.

And nobody gives a shit, right? Exactly!

I’m all for being personal and sharing stuff. But there ALWAYS has to be something in it for the reader – other than cat puke.

If you wanna write a diary, go ahead. But if you write a blog for your business, please give something of value to your reader. They subscribed to hear from you, not all about you.

Give before your get.


Let’s do a final recap, shall we?

  • Read fiction to boost your creativity and let your imagination run wild.
  • Be descriptive in your writing to engage your readers.
  • Always focus on your mission besides money.
  • Don’t make it a freaking diary. Give to your readers first.

Alrighty, now let me hear it in the comments:

Is your blog a big fat leech sucking your blood or does it actively support your business?
Which fiction book are you reading at the moment?
And what’s your style of punching?

I’m off to read some fiction!



PS: I ACTUALLY PUT UP A SERVICES PAGE! Halleluja! It’s just a first draft and I’ll keep changing things. But don’t you just LOVE progress? Come check out how you can work with me here. YAY!

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{ 9 comments… add one }
  • mgilulldemolins September 13, 2013, 11:40 pm

    Go Hannah!
    I am all in for the “read fiction”. I have a similar post in mind from my perspective ;)
    Keep it up!

    • Hannah September 14, 2013, 12:34 am

      Gracias, Maria!

      I’m so glad I started to read fiction again! It does support your biz, but it’s also just super relaxing after a long day of work. I feel like I’m doing something good for myself ;)


  • Brook McCarthy September 14, 2013, 2:14 am

    My blog does actively support my business insofar as people mention that they’ve read it – and these people are potential clients, not friends and family. I’m reading a non-fiction, non-business book – “Destroying the Joint: Why women have to change the world”.
    My style of punching is a shocking jab, too quick to notice, too powerful to ignore. Floored in shock, and then a splitting pain that quickly spread from your nose outwards to engulf your jaw and cheekbones.

    • Hannah September 14, 2013, 11:06 am

      LOVE IT, Brook! Keep ‘em coming!
      I can literally feel the pain from you shocking jab, lol!

      By the way: love how you combine all your passions over at your site ;)


  • Caitlin Grace November 1, 2013, 6:41 am

    Loved this blog! Thanks to @=Denise Duffield-Thomas for pointing me in the right direction.
    I have just finished reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and about to launch into a biography about Leonard Cohen because he is THE MAN!!

    I would much prefer to give you full openhanded, no holds barred slap. The trick is all in the wrist. LOL!
    And because I’m a touchy/ feely , woowoo kind of chick here’s a link to my latest blog….. all about hugging and touch.

    • Hannah November 6, 2013, 10:09 pm

      You are so welcome, Caitlin! Gotta love Leonhard Cohen for real!

      And thank you for the love :) I’m always happy to help!

  • peter vidic November 4, 2013, 9:33 pm

    respect Hannah, congrats! i am very impressed and hope to see you soon! Petschi

    • Hannah November 6, 2013, 10:10 pm

      Thank you so much! Good to see you around here ;)

  • Tatiana Queen December 1, 2014, 10:42 pm

    Hannah, whacha girl! Love your style of writing, it is so funny and engaging, I noticed after reading your stuff I send texts to my friends in double creative language! My God dammit blog suck my blood without even being born yet! Seriously, I have been stressing my ass for a good couple of month but the creativity block is just reserved bio room in my head and chilling every day till the sun is down… Haha… Your words really inspire, I seriously don’t remember the last time I was so engaged in actually something!)
    Reading fiction books is a freaking good idea! I really though of it before, but that ass always needs the freaking push… Gotta learn this one hard way! Immideately buying tones of fiction books, I mean just one…)) I know that multitasking trick xoxo
    I have only UNO style of punching which is punching my ego lol. This smart chatterbox is always speaking loud and not always inspiring…. So a big LOVE punch to it))

    Thank you girl, you rock! Can’t wait to read all your posts and do you have a book yet? Hm… No, not a freebook (ima gonna steal this one)! Okay please reserve the first hard copy for your crazy fan!) Allright, you can keep the first one for yourself…. Self Love, yeah!

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