Back to Basics Part 2: My Feel It Formula (Not What You Think)

Hey gorgeous!

It’s time for part 2 of my copywriting series called Back to Basics. We’re gonna talk about EMOTIONS today! (In case you missed part 1, you should totally go read that first here!)

And I’m gonna get right to it – no long talking!

Because in writing, just like in life?

It’s all about emotions.


(Like that priceless shiver of excitement running down your every body part when you’re on the very, very top of a roller coaster + just for a nano-second there time stands still + all you wanna do is crap your pants + scream like a baby, but then it’s too late already, because YOU are going DOWN + suddenly the rush + oh my god the wind in your face + and THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME, hey why is it over so quickly — I wanna do it again!?)

Why is it so important to have emotion in your writing? (Just like in my example-paragraph above?)

Because you know which emotions I’m talking about + you’re instantly FEELING them too. (Unless you’ve never been on a roller coaster and in that case? I’m really sorry for you.)

See, we’re all human and ultimately?

We all just wanna FEEL a certain way.

I wanna be happy!

I wanna be rich!

I wanna be famous!

We’re chasing emotions. Because really?

You wanna feel loved + appreciated.

Free yet safe + taken care of.

Significant + like you actually matter.

We all chase emotions. It’s not good or bad, it’s just natural. It’s part of who we are.
And that’s why you need to make your readers FEEL something with your writing! You need to give them the emotions they’re already chasing. Otherwise they’re gonna go somewhere else to “get some”.

So how can you make your customers FEEL something?

You can only make others feel what YOU feel first. You can’t just fake it! Because your readers are not dumb + of course they’re gonna be able to tell the difference!

And that’s why I’m gonna give you my famous Feel It Formula today!

Because if you want others to truly experience an emotional connection with you? You don’t have to be the best writer in the friggin’ Universe. You just gotta use my simple but highly-effective Feel It Formula. And it goes a little somethin’ like this:

Be you.
Be true.
Be real.

Be honest.
Don’t judge.
And say what you feel.

(Don’t you just adore the subtle little rhyme I hid in there? ;)
Not really a lesson on copy, you say? It’s a lesson on life as well! You’re welcome!

Now before you’re all like ”OMG, not another piece of life-advice I’ve never asked for!” — let me show you how this will work WONDERS for your copy.

What I want you to do?

Use my Feel It Formula as a filter whenever you write.

Whether you don’t know what to say or how to say it? You + I both know that the real answer is always there from the start!

Somewhere deep inside you always know! Now you just need to keep digging.

And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do now! By changing my Feel It Formula into questions, you’re gonna be able to blow your readers’ minds with emotion, passion + the real, authentic YOU.

Once you’ve picked a topic you wanna write about? Answer the questions + trust your gut. (You can always edit later on!)

Now here are the exact questions you need to ask yourself whenever you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed or just not confident enough to write like you mean it:

1. What would I say if I allowed myself to be the absolute unfiltered, raw + real version of me?

2. How would I say this if I allowed myself to be exactly who I am right now?

3. What do I believe to be true about this, regardless of what others might say or think?

4. How exactly would I say this to my best friend if we were sitting on my couch right now?

5. Am I being way too critical over my own writing? Do I really need to work on it more or is it just my fear of not being good enough?

6. How do I really feel? (Because you know how sometimes when people ask us how we are we automatically say “good” even though it’s a fucking lie? Guess what: we do that to ourselves as well!)

I love these questions SO MUCH + they’re so powerful!

Because I believe, no — I KNOW that you have all this emotion inside of you. You’re full of passion + talent. And it’s about time that you let the world benefit from that as well!

I promise you when you answer these questions? You’re gonna give yourself permission to shine. And everyone who’s reading your copy is gonna feel a huge difference!

The questions also work wonders if you have a piece of content written out already. Just read through it one more time but use the questions as a filter now. Take notes on what you would have done differently. Bonus points if you come up with a new + improved version afterwards!

See, this is really not rocket science.

It’s all about shutting up your coward of an ego to let your feelings speak.

Just shut up that nasty little voice that tells you stuff like:

“What, you can’t write a blog post about THAT!”
“No, you can’t say THAT on your website!”
“Are you really gonna use THAT word in an email?”

Your ego is just a scared little mofo who’s trying real hard to make you be like everybody else.

So that no one will ever notice you. And no one will ever be able to “say anything bad about you”. You’re small + “safe”. But you’re also “protecting” yourself from success + happiness.

Which is dumb + you’re so much better than that.

YOU are a smart, kind + loving person who truly cares about her readers. That’s why you’re gonna do everything you can to make your readers FEEL SOMETHING!

So let your ego talk as much as it wants to. But do NOT listen to it. And most of all?

Do NOT let your ego ruin the thrill of YOUR roller coaster ride!

Alright, now I’m dying to hear:

Are you allowing your feelings + emotions to flow through your writing?
Or are you still waiting for permission?
And what are the nasty lies your ego tells you when it comes to your copy?

This is a super important topic, so let’s share + help each other out in the comments! And I’ll talk to you over there!


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18 thoughts on “Back to Basics Part 2: My Feel It Formula (Not What You Think)”

  1. Ooooooh, you made my eyes twinkle with emotional watery substance… ;) (Sorry, it’s 6 in the morning and I’m checking emails – and I might still be asleep) But you touched me here – and YES, those questions are powerful – will print them off to have them with me when I’m writing.Thank you!

    1. Yes, Nina! It does take balls to be who you are. But it always pays off in so many ways :)

      You’re very welcome! xxx

    1. Naomi, that’s totally a process + not something that magically happens over night. Congrats for taking the steps though, I promise you’ll get more + more comfortable AND confident along the way.

      And you are absolutely right: it’s just the damn ego! So don’t let it get you ;)

  2. Great, powerful questions, Hannah! I just discussed this same topic with a few fellow bloggers last night and we all agreed that our businesses started to attract a bigger audience only once we dared to find our authentic voice…

    1. Thank you so much, Durga! I’m honored + I’m totally your fan as well ;) This blog post is exactly what I talked about yesterday on our call! xxx

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