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Or would you put a video of yourself singing “Hero” by Mariah Carey on your website?



I’m not saying you’re a sucky writer. But it’s no secret that there’s a huge difference between an amateur and a pro.


The not-so-secret truth is: First impressions stick to you like superglue.
Especially online!

So what first impression are you making?

A “good” one? A “nice” one?

Or a professional one? An effective one? A convincing one? One that sells?


It works for you and your business. Just like a highly skilled sales person.

In the past 2 months my subscriber list has quadrupled!
Working with Hannah will exceed your expectations! Hannah saw the fire that I was not fully expressing and encouraged me to go for it. She gave me the exact feedback I needed to hear that has launched my brand and company to new heights. I went from mediocre to brilliant. Don’t believe me? Read my copy. I’ve got my finger on eye catching content that provides so much value.
In the past 2 months my subscriber list has quadrupled because I’m sharing valuable content that is sizzling in smart, clever, fearless, and bold copy! Readers personally thank me for my blog posts, free ebook, paid ebook and are signing up for first dibs on my upcoming program. I’m floored at the results.
Hannah has changed me forever because now I have the permission to be my own bold and sassy self. Now I am unapologetically passionate about how I want to improve my industry and the careers of thriving actors, writers, and performing artists! Hannah takes something that’s good and shows you how to set in on fire. Hannah I am forever grateful for your brilliance because you’ve showed me how to impact the world with unforgettable copy.


Melanie Kastner, Career and Business Strategist for Writers, Actors and Performing Artists @

You’re not the kind of person who lets mediocre copy keep you from making real money. You’re the kind of person who wants results!

And guess what?


I’d hate to see you putting so much money, time and energy into your business and still not getting the outcome you deserve.

Good news? Professional copy will get it for you!

Since working with Hannah I’ve had so many people email me to request my services before I even put my offers up! I loved that she spent the time on Skype to really get to know me and my business. She kept in touch with me the whole way through which made me feel safe and taken care of. I had hired a different copywriter before who I paid a lot of money to but who never understood what I was about. So I was scared that another copywriter would be just the same, but Hannah actually listens and cares about me, my business and the message I wanted to get across. Not only have I got brilliant copy on my site now, but Hannah’s questions also made me get totally clear on my entire business and offerings. I’m thrilled to bits and thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone!

Angela Freeborn, Practical Spirituality @

Now, I know not everyone’s in the financial position to make big investments right now.

What I also know? That you wanna make 2014 the BEST YEAR EVER and start the new year like the pro you already are.

How? With your personal Copy Intervention!

The least expensive but most effective copy upgrade in the Universe. (Probably)

YOU need a Copy Intervention if you:

  • Don’t Wanna Spend Thousands Of Dollars
  • Are Tired Of “General Advice” In Books And Courses – You Want Personal Guidance On What Specifically YOU Need To Do To Get Results
  • Have No Idea Which Copy On Your Site Actually WORKS For You And Which DOESN’T – No More “Filling Up The White Space”
  • Think Your Copy Is “Good” But You’re Never Getting The Results You Want And Deserve
  • Are Ready To Take Action In 2014 But Don’t Even Know Where To Begin
  • Can Talk About Your Business But Throw Up In Your Mouth a Little Bit Every Time You Actually Need To WRITE Something – Talk Is Cheap, Mofo!
  • Are Clueless About What The Hell You’re Doing Right Or Wrong And Want Some Answers
  • Need To Add Personality And Spunk To Your Writing ASAP Because You Don’t Wanna Drown In The “Sea Of Sameness”
  • Ain’t Got No Time For “Trial And Error” Or Reading 3754 Books On Copy (I Did That For You!)
  • Feel Like Copy Is a Pain In Your Royal Ass And You’re Ready To Accept Help (Like All The Pros Do)

Can you afford NOT to have:

  • So Many Sign-Ups You Have to Upgrade to The Paid Version Of MailChimp?
  • Your Sales Page To Turn Interested People Into Buyers And Make You Real Money?
  • Your Copy To Go From “Meh” To Mindblowing In Just One Session?
  • Your Content to Go Viral And Attract The Attention Of “Big Shots”?
  • An Army Of Loyal And Raving Fans Singing You Praises All Over The Interwebs?
  • An Inspiring Discussion Instead Of Tumble Weeds In The Comments Section Of Your Blog Posts?
  • People to Actually Open Your Emails And Not Throw Them Out As Untouched Virgins?

No? Then keep reading, my dear!

What can we work on during your 45 Minute Copy Intervention?

Well, your copy, duh! ;) We can work on anything copy and website-related, and it’s all your choice:

Wanna pimp your…

  • Tagline?
  • About page?
  • Sales page?
  • Opt-in copy?
  • Blog posts?
  • Headlines?
  • Freebie?
  • Product titles?
  • Menu Bar?

Or: We can improve your writing in general!
Specialties of the House include:

  • How to Write With Personality And Finally Get Noticed
  • How to “Find Your Own, Authentic Voice” And Use It Like A Pro
  • How to Spice Up Your Style And Add Some Serious Flavor
  • How to Be Persuasive And Sell Without Being Salesy, Pushy Or Slimy

We’ll cover whatever YOU believe will benefit and impact your business the most!

Hannah is full of spunk and is so fun to work with. She was super thorough when getting to know me and my project… I loved how she took the time to really get the feel of who I was and what my business and project were all about.

Hannah is a dynamite copywriter and I love everything she writes. Her blog is one of the few I read all the way through because it is fun, conversational and impactful and that is what she brings to her clients and the projects she works on.

I loved working with Hannah because she was there when I needed her, she got things done when she said she would and I knew she was dedicated to making the copy really speak to those who would be reading it and help my story shine and really connect.

Hannah took what I wrote and instead of me having to stress over it for hours… reading, re-writing, editing, changing it up… I just sent over the draft and she worked her magic and sent it to me ready to be put on my site… so easy, so painless… this is worth so much to me in my biz because your words are what captivate your readers and turn them into fans and customers. I knew this and would remain stuck because I just didn’t know how to add that extra zing to my copy and that is just what Hannah did… added a whole lotta zing. I am forever grateful that I have Hannah on my dream team, she is absolutely fabulous at what she does.


Chantelle Adams, Motivational Speaker @

What exactly will you get?

In short, your Copy Intervention will help you say what you gotta say in a way that is powerful, effective and FUN. (Because if it ain’t fun, it won’t get done, right?)

Here’s how it works:

Click the shiny, pink “BUY NOW” button and invest in yourself! Pop champagne or green juice and celebrate! (Psst: No worries, the button will escort you to a secure PayPal page!)

As soon as I receive your payment, I’ll send you an email with 5 essential questions and a scheduling link. Send your answers back to me and click the link to book the perfect time for your 45 Minute Session! (If all the times are totes impossible because you live somewhere in New Zealand and would have to get up at 2.43am so that you can gulp down some coffee before our meeting at 3.00am, please send me an email and let me know. We’ll find another time.)

Next: We’ll jump on Skype (or Google Hangout if you prefer) and WORK IT! Well, actually I will do the work for you. So you can sit back and paint your toenails while I walk you through your Personal Action Plan (value $200).

No need to stress out over taking notes! You’ll get your detailed PDF Action Guide tailored to your individual needs within a day (value $300)! It’s a pretty little eBook filled with all the goodness we covered in our session, including resources and a SURPRISE BONUS you’re gonna LOVE.

Another Goodie? You’ll get personal email-support from yours truly for one week after our session (value $300).

I’ll help you implement and follow through, so that results are GUARANTEED.

So if you’re like, “Maybe I should” right now, do NOT wait. You’ll never feel “ready” anyway.

If you snooze, you lose.
($800 value to be exact plus all the money you would have made with copy that works – I’ll let you do the math!)

Because space IS limited! To 8 lucky bastards who take their business and success seriously.

Your one-time investment for your 45 minute call, your personal eBook and email-support worth $800?

Only a small $249.
(Yes, I did in fact promise a ridiculous price!)



If you don’t love your Copy Intervention so much you wanna take sunset-walks on the beach with it and have its babies, you’ll get your money back within 30 days. No risk now, no risk later.

Feeling a little resistance? I get it!

I know that you want to invest wisely and this costs more than a pack of gum. But I’ve heard it from my clients over and over again: this pays for itself. Even better? You’ll get subscribers and loyal fans who hang on to your every word on top of everything else.

I also know that we (especially the ladies) love to self-sabotage. But in order to run your business like a pro, serve your clients like you mean it and earn big bucks with it? You need to get the eff out of your own way!

And if you don’t wanna spend $1000+ on getting your copy written by a professional? This is the perfect option for you!

You will get all the strategies that you personally need for your business to make your copy work for you like a skilled sales person. While saving at least $700.

“But how will you be able to do all of that in 45 minutes?”, you might wanna ask! See, I’m not gonna teach you copywriting from A-Z. I’m only gonna equip you with the tools YOU need specifically for business.

You won’t be overwhelmed but you WILL see the biggest results. 80/20, anyone?

See, 20% of your copy will get you 80% of your desired results. And working on that 20% for only 45 minutes and getting 80% results? Is what I call a smart investment. Math!

Even if you’re scared that you might be overwhelmed or not able to implement anything… you get your personal PDF Action Guide, which contains EVERYTHING, so that you can take your time and move forward step by step.

PLUS you get one week of email support, so all your questions will be answered and you’re not gonna have to do anything alone.

Ready to up your game now?