Meet Hannah Mang

Meet Hannah Mang

You’re not here to be loved by everybody. You’re here to make a difference. You know who you are and you’re ready to attract your ideal people.

But you just can’t find the damn right words.

You wish you knew how to come up with a clear message and communicate it so that people actually get it.

You want to:

  • make boatloads of paper-money with your online business. Duh.
  • stand out from the crowd like Lady Gaga (without having to wear a meat-dress)
  • write with personality to be anti-boring and stop hiding your awesome self behind crappy copy
  • have an about page that makes your right people wanna put a ring on your finger. or work with you real bad. that’s fine too
  • have loyal subscribers rolling in 365 days a year
  • be totally, absolutely and 110% yourself in your entire online presence. Everyone else is already taken.
  • have a sales page that makes ’em be like “shut up and take my money”
  • come up with emails and blog posts that actually get opened and read. and liked and shared and commented and printed and put up on walls next to beds.
  • never again sit in front of your laptop at 2.37am, desperately trying to squeeze out the name and tagline for your new killer offer


That’s exactly what I’ll help you with.

I’m Hannah and I got you covered. I’m a copywriter, copy-consultant and personality expert. Nope, I don’t replicate paper-documents, I write and teach and create communication-strategies for YOU.

Still not sure what “copy” is?

Copy are words that make you money.

Whether it’s your about-page, your email headline, your Facebook-status or your sales-page…

…every word you write online has one purpose: to serve your business and make you money.

And I’m here to get you more clients, more sales and more money. Period.

My specialty? MAXIMIZING!

That means I take something mediocre (or “good”) and make it outstanding.extraordinary. And full of personality.

So that you and your brand stand out from the masses.

So that you will get noticed and remembered.

So that you can put yourself out there, being 112% sure that you’re showing off the very best that you’ve got.

Why would I do that?

Because I believe that the way you talk to your customers (= your copy) is the make-or-break-factor of your business!

You could have the cure to cancer among your offerings, but if nobody gets it, we all lose. How bad would that suck?

The truth is that nobody will give you money or pay attention to you if you can’t communicate why on earth they should give a shit.

And finding the words that make people give a shit?

It’s my greatest passion and strongest talent. It fills my heart with joy.

I believe in finding the perfect balance between clarity and creativity, so that your customers will know exactly what they can get from you and how you’re different from everybody else.

Plus: I’m freakin’ good at it!

Modest, too. ;)

I know that you deserve to earn big bucks while spending your precious time doing only the things you love.

Ready to shout it from the rooftops together? Click here!

Still wondering who the heck I am?

We skipped the small-talk before, I get it.

But since I hate small-talk anyway, here’s what you need to know about me:

  • Austrian native, speaker of 7,5 languages, lawyer and Caribbean music addict.
  • Born and raised in the 80ies.
  • Lover of everything pink and glittery. Hate purple though.
  • Leo. Lioness, too.
  • First started to work in advertising at the age of sweet 16.
  • Tea is my vodka. I don’t do alcohol, which makes me an outlaw in Austria. (Jeez, people have wine and beer running through their veins here!)
  • I have freakishly long hair and hate it when people ask “how do you do that?”. It’s hair for fuck’s sake. I let it grow!
  • I set a goal to fly business class in 2015. Back in 2011 I was still crapping my pants at the mere sight of a plane. (You can read all about that here)
  • Loyalty over royalty. Anytime!
  • I have a Cadillac Escalade on my vision board. True story.
  • It causes physical pain and feels like I’m being castrated when my name is spelled “Hanna”. Brrr.

Who are you?

What are you struggling with when it comes to your copy?

And what’s on your vision board?

Send an email to hannah (at) hannahmang (dot) com – I’d love to hang out and get to know you!