Don’t be a freaking gap-filler! 6 ways to create free content so good, your people WANT to give you money

Write more blog posts!

Do more videos!

Get your ass on Periscope!

Hey, are you using Facebook Live?


Messenger pigeons?

I bet you can get clients on Tinder as well…

But seriously… “Who the fuck has time for this?”, you might wonder.

My point exactly.

And it’s not just who the fuck has time to CREATE all this shit… but who actually has time to CONSUME IT?

See, I don’t have time to listen to people ramble on about their epic last launch on goddamn Periscope for hours. I also don’t have time to watch 8 2 ½ hour webinars each week to learn the next world domination blueprint, or magic formula that teaches you how to fart gold in your sleep. (Even though I admit… that WOULD be quite handy)

Do you?

If you’re running a business and maybe have a life as well, then I think it’s safe to say that (wait for it):

Unless… (Yes there’s an “unless” here and this is really the great news)

Unless the content is truly valuable.

So let’s define “truly valuable” real quick, shall we?

Oh, wait.

Before we (re-)define it, let me tell you why you should even give a sweet damn.

I’m sure it’s old news for you if I tell you that content overload is a thing. Or that sometimes “less is more” in our precious little online world.

But honestly, this is more relevant than ever right now. Just take a look at your email inbox!

How many emails do you delete without even opening them?
How many of the freebies you sign up for, do you actually consume ‘til the end?
And how many times did you get overwhelmed (or disappointed) and quit even on a course you paid your hard earned money for?

See… Content overload is a thing.

Which is why I’m writing to you today. To tell you that if you wanna stand out in your marketplace, if you don’t want your emails to end up on the virgin-cemetery and you want your next launch to exceed your hairy, scary, whatever goals, then…

You need to create better content.Not MORE.

It’s good old quality over quantity right there. A real classic that unfortunately is being ignored by way too many.

But enough with the rant already… let me tell you HOW you can create truly valuable content that people love and benefit from without you going crazy and wanting to eat your toe nails. (Gross!)

Oops, I jumped ahead again. I’ll give you the nitty gritty HOW in just a second.

I still need to tell you the WHY first!

When you write truly valuable content, your content will:

  • Convert random strangers into eager subscribers and loyal buyers for life
  • Get shared all over the social media sphere, bringing you new fans and followers that actually give a shit about what you have to say
  • Engage people, which means likes, comments or even freaking hearts on Periscope for you… which will make you look REAL good and attract more of your ideal customers
  • Create real, tangible results for your folks so that they can’t help but come back for more
  • Establish a true connection and allow you to build a relationship based on trust that takes away the you-might-be-an-internet-rip-off-creeper anxiety
  • Which again… comes down to converting strangers into friends, fans and buyers for life

See, it’s a win-win all around!

Alright, now let’s take a look at 6 ways for you to come up with truly valuable content that’s so good, your people are gonna WANT to give you their money.

1. Solve a real problem

Duh, right?

This is where it really (annoyingly) comes down to knowing your customers once again and being able to get into their heads to figure out WHAT they’re truly struggling with… and how you can help solve that burning problem (much like the gold farting technique I mentioned above).

Whenever you solve a problem for someone for free, you’re not only a freaking hero, you’re also doing the one thing that is guaranteed to get you money in the bank:

You’re creating results in advance for them. See, they didn’t give you anything (no cash, no credit card) yet, but you created real change in their lives.

This will trigger the psychological principle of reciprocity which is a really boring way of saying that it’ll make them wanna give back to you. WOOHOO! It’s truly a beautiful aspect of us human beings, that when someone gives to us, we naturally want to give back.

“Give and thou shall receiveth!”

Or something like that… Fact is: You know that already, but please remind yourself whenever you sit down (or stand at your standing desk if you’re a super hipster ;) to create content. Ask yourself the magical questions:



And only if you have a solid answer to that, you sit your toosh down to write.

2. Urgent and relevant in THIS very moment

(Because I agree with Eckhart Tolle when he says something along the lines of “NOW is all you have”)

If your content is not relevant to your peeps right now, it’s gonna be nothing but crickets for you my dear.

What do I mean by that?

I don’t mean that you have to talk about the newest shit that’s “hot right now” (Hello Snapchat again!). I mean that you should be talking about the stuff that your prospects and buyers are focused on right now.

If you’re talking about making millions and the people on your list are making 5K a month, then it’s not relevant and not even close to urgent for them right now.

But also if you’re talking about big launches and your prospects are still trying to sell their one-on-one services to a handful of people, you’re not gonna be relevant or urgent right now.

And if you’re having a hard time coming up with things that are urgent and relevant to your peeps right now, then let me suggest something crazy:


It’s like sometimes we forget that there are REAL HUMAN BEINGS on our list.

So do yourself and them a huge a favor: TALK TO THEM!

People like to feel important and like their opinion matters, so why don’t you send them an email and ask what’s going on for them right now? And how you can best be of service in that context?

You might be surprised about the answers!

3. DON’T be a freaking gap-filler

Publishing something for the sake of publishing something won’t get you anywhere ever.

That’s right I said it.

I don’t care if you have a “content calendar” or you made a promise to deliver something to your “list” every Thursday at 10am.

Fact is that if you don’t have something truly valuable to share, silence is golden.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that sometimes it’s better to shut up. Sometimes it’s better to wait until you’ve created something so memorable, impactful and profound that your people are actually gonna love it instead of shooting out lukewarm shit like an AK-47 on a regular basis just because “you have to”.

Who told you that anyway?

Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be consistent. Being consistent is GREAT and yes, it gets you results, ain’t no doubt about that.

All I’m saying is, don’t desperately try to fill a “gap” when the gold sometimes really is in the gap. (Gosh that’s profound shit, I didn’t see that coming either!)

Seriously though, ask yourself this question:

What would you prefer…

  • A lukewarm blog post every Thursday at 10am that you don’t even read until the end because it’s not adding any real value to your business and life?
  • Or a fucking eye-opening, actionable, maybe even well-researched post on a random Tuesday that helps you achieve your goals and create tangible results… even if you didn’t hear anything at 10am that last Thursday?

I’d go for number 2 personally, and chances are your readers, prospects and lovely buyers prefer the same thing!

Food for thought, my love, food for thought!

4. Introducing something new or bringing a new perspective

“What? But you just said I don’t have to talk about the newest shit!”, you might wanna say. And I hear you (Because I did just say that).

So this is more like a “Do it if or whenever you can” situation.


People like new shit.

Or why the hell do you think there’s a minor war going on in front of every Apple store on the planet when the newest iPhone comes out? It’s not because people don’t have phones. It’s because they want the newest, coolest shit and to be the first kid on the block to have it.

So if you can give that privilege to your readers, they’re gonna love you big time.

I do realize though that it’s probably not everyday you come up with some huge innovation that makes people wanna get in line (or hire homeless people to stand in line for them) to be the first ones to get it. But you can always (ALWAYS!) bring a fresh and new perspective.

  • Maybe you can combine two topics that seemingly have nothing to do with each other? (Like “Why your diet fucked up your last launch” or something)
  • Maybe you can do some research on a topic and offer deeper insights, backed up by scientific proof? (People dig scientific proof, it makes it easier for us to believe things and believing things puts us into action mode, so check out cool resources like where you can find all the research in the world!)
  • Or maybe you can simply put your OWN, personal stamp on a topic and create a fresh perspective by sharing your authentic truth?

Anyone remember the Blue Ocean strategy? The one that talks about red oceans (where everybody is fishing, and doing the same shit and so on) and blue oceans (the untouched waters, where the fish voluntarily hop into your net because no one’s ever fished there before)?

It’s a good one for content too. So take a look at what everybody else says and then jump into your own blue ocean, by swimming in the exact opposite direction.

Unless you’re Chuck Norris…

5. Give them the HOW

Practical and applicable – the general, fluffy blabla is so freaking old, it makes Donald Trump look like a freshman. So if you wanna share something truly valuable, share something that people can apply and implement right away… By giving them the actual HOW.

You might be thinking that this is a no-brainer right here, but let me tell you the frightening truth: It’s not! There’s still so much yadda-yadda, look-at-me, here’s-the-what-and-not-the-how content out there, that you’re gonna have a huge advantage in the marketplace when you actually tell people HOW to do shit.

Kinda like what I’m doing right here. I could be just telling you to create better content instead of more content because there’s a shitload of content already out there. But then I’d be saying the word “content” 3 times in just one sentence and also I’d only be stating the obvious. Thanks for nothing, mothafucka!

So instead, I’m giving you some insights into HOW you can actually create better content that you can implement right away.

This is still just a blog post and not an encyclopedia so maybe I won’t answer every single one of your burning content questions, but at least you’ll walk away with something TANGIBLE in your hand. And that’s exactly what you wanna achieve for your readers as well.

6. Enjoyable to read + authentic

And of course…. Last but not least:

Your content should be enjoyable to read and authentic!

Even if you’ve figured out how to fart gold in your sleep but you can’t communicate it in a way that’s ENGAGING, EXCITING, AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE, nobody’s gonna give a crap.

If you can’t grab people’s attention, they won’t even open your emails.
If you can’t keep them glued to the screen throughout your blog posts, all the value is lost.
And if you can’t manage to make the reading experience enjoyable, people will never LISTEN to what you have to say.

But don’t you worry yourself, my dear.

I got sweet solutions for you!

Like I said this is just a blog post and I can’t teach you everything right here but the good news is:


Woohooo! Fireworks, fireworks!

I’m gonna teach you my bestest writing techniques on how to write with personality to position yourself as THE irresistible celebrity in your marketplace so that people can’t help but pay attention to you, fall in love with you and your brand and (yes!) buy all your stuff.

Stay tuned for that one!

But in the meantime… here’s a new mantra for you:

So I hope and pray that you take these suggestions seriously and add REAL value to your people instead of just talking at them for the sake of talking.

And before you fly out into the world to WOO everyone and their French Bulldog with your epic content, here’s one last heads-up for you:


While you’re wanting to create truly valuable content for your peeps, you also don’t wanna get stuck in perfectionist land. It’s full of people who are super busy and yet they never get shit done. They never get actual results. They just get caught up in “I’m not good enough” instead.

So aim for the stars but then come back to earth and remind yourself that done is better than perfect.

Hello, balance! We meet again…

And now it’s your turn!

What’s your best recent piece of content and why?
Share it in the comments below!

I can’t wait to see!



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  1. Hey Hannah!

    Great article and it’s so true. My email is constantly full of stuff I’ve signed up for that I never even look at, so when I do take the time to look at something and consume the information, it better be DAMN good!

    Excited for your course to launch! ;)


  2. Sharp, sexy, funny, intelligent, practical, wise and no BS-content; just as I like your stuff, Hannah! Thanks for another inspiring and entertaining piece of work!

  3. Hannah, this is honestly one of the best blog I’ve ever read. I always struggle with writing new and valuable content. This is an eye opener for me!!
    Thank you so much!

    PS: I absolutely love your writing skills :-*

  4. Thanks SO much for another eye-opening blog post Hannah. You made me laugh out loud more than once and I can totally see the difference of writing for the sake of it or really delivering something of massive value. To be honest, writing good content and really engaging with my peeps is still a challenge for me – so much looking forward to your course.

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