16 Most Popular Excuses Of All Time (And How To Not Fall Into Those Traps) – PART 2

Hey lovely!

Finally… Part II of my excuses series is here. And yes, I’m very aware of the fact that I kinda said that this article was gonna be done sooner.

Care to hear some of my excuses?

No, I figured.

Instead let’s look at the rest of the most popular excuses of all time including my personal remedies to kick procrastination in the butt and finally get shit done.

(Oh, and if you haven’t read Part I yet, click here and read this one first!)


9. I just went to Awesomeness Fest, it freaking changed my life and now I need to process.

Oh, wait. That’s me!

But whether it’s Awesomeness Fest, a breakup, a new beginning or some other emotional, transformational time of change that you’re going through… this one can actually be a good reason for not getting stuff done!

Because you literally can’t.
You’re dealing with your own shit.
Figuring out your life. Your purpose. Your path. Whatever.

And when you’re in that state… Lord knows you need to take some time off for yourself.

You need to process.
Drink tea and chat with your friends.
Spend 3 days in your pjs.
Eat cereal at 1am.
And simply refill your cup.

In short: You gotta do what you gotta do to grow from this situation.

The world can wait.

BUT (yes, there’s a big but here too) –  You GOTTA know your limit.

What I’m saying is that there HAS to be a day when this stops. When you’re getting back on track and into the game.

Sometimes you need a day or two. Sometimes you need a week. And some people need 10 years, but okay, that’s not you and me ;)

And so once again it’s all about BALANCE. (Which is – and I’m figuring this out as I’m writing to you – apparently the answer to everything.)

You need to find the balance between taking care of yourself, allowing yourself to do what you gotta do and being of service to everybody else.

But you can only be of service if your cup is full, right? So don’t forget that truth as you’re taking care of your own shit, as you’re growing, thriving, evolving and raising your vibration to the next higher level.

Side note: I really did go to Awesomeness Fest again, this time it was in Dubrovnik, Croatia (YES, that’s King’s Landing if you’re into Game of Thrones) and it changed my life forever. It’s a 4 day event hosted by Mindvalley and it’s full of epic parties, incredibly amazing people and personal development stuff. It’s THE SHIT! So if you wanna know more about Afest, shoot me an email and I’m happy to share details. Maybe I’ll see you at the next one in Costa Rica? ;)

10. Let me check Facebook/do the dishes/reorganize my entire closet real quick…

Facebook is definitely the mother of all time-killers. And the mother-killer of time, great ideas, projects and dreams. Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg… it’s just the truth.

But then again… whether it’s getting sucked into freakin’ Facebook, the dirty dishes that have been silently piling up in your sink or your closet that desperately needed decluttering since last spring – distractions are everywhere.


The question is… how can you still get shit done?

It’s quite simple:

Whenever you’re about to get shit done but then think to yourself “I could do _______ really quick”, you need to remind yourself of one crucial thing:

Your big picture vision.

Is checking Facebook, doing the dishes or re-watching season 5 of Friends going to get you closer to your big picture goals? Or is it gonna keep you stuck where you’re at right now?

Hint: It’s gonna keep you stuck!!!

Do NOT forget that Resistance is alive and well and oh boy… it’s comin’ to getcha! So brace yourself and hold a clear vision of your big picture in your mind.

Then you’ll see that most of the things you “could” do are nothing but dirty distractions… trying to keep you from achieving your big picture goals and making an impact in this world.

And if you’re struggling really hard with this one… Use these awesome apps to help you focus and be more productive:

https://selfcontrolapp.com/ – block Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, YouPorn (hey, no judgment ;) or any other site that keeps you from doing your work

http://tomato-timer.com/ – helps you to focus for 25 minute periods, then grants you a short break and another 25 minute period of work

https://www.rescuetime.com/ – tracks your time and gives you valuable insights into where you’re actually spending/wasting it

You’re welcome ;)

11. I don’t have enough resources. I need to watch 392 YouTube videos and read 18 more blog posts first.

Let’s look at the facts here for a second. Just like I mentioned in part 1 of this series, it is true that you have to figure out the HOW sometimes before you can actually get shit done.

That’s okay. It’s normal. It’s part of the game.

But here’s what happens most of the time and this is the actual problem:

Instead of watching 2 YouTube videos that truly help you and educate you, you end up watching 37 and then 6,5 hours later you’re tired, your eyes hurt and you can’t even remember why you started watching videos in the first place.

Or you read a blog post that explains exactly how to figure out the tech-part of hosting a webinar and then 3 hours later you find yourself reading about Brother Orange. (By the way: Did you read this crazy story? I’m kinda in love with it but won’t link to it here because then you’d get distracted and I’d be sabotaging my own blog post and that’s not the point of me writing this thing. So Google it later if you “have time” ;)

Bottom line is: Figure out what you REALLY need to know. And then go and learn ONLY that.

Got it?

Use the pomodoro app I linked to above (here you go: http://tomato-timer.com/) and set yourself a time limit.

Resources and education are necessary for all of us, but they CAN be a trap. Make a list of the things you truly need to figure out if you have to and then go figure them out. Nothing more, nothing less.

12. It makes no sense to only work for 2 hours on this… I’d better wait until I have 8 hours straight!

Ah! The good old “I want to be able to REALLY focus”.

Lord knows I could write trilogies on that one.

Is it better to work for 2 hours now even if I know I won’t be able to finish?

Or should I waste 2 hours doing other crap and then later feel crappy about myself because the task I was supposed to get done is still sitting there (untouched) waiting for me to come and take its virginity?

This one is so tricky because once again… your intentions seem oh so pure. And ain’t nothing wrong with that, right?

You just wanna give this task your all. Your heart and soul. Your full and undivided attention.

What a great, dedicated and hard worker you are ;)

Unfortunately the Universe did not magically free up your schedule so that you can devote full 8-hour working periods to that chosen one task that simply needs more than the 2 hours you got right now.

Can you already tell that this is a trap? :)

Let’s get real here for a second and let me tell you what you need to do if you DON’T want this to become a trap for you.

And the answer is: A simple distinction.

Tasks that actually do need more time because you have to get in the zone and once you’re in the zone and stuff flows you don’t wanna stop and get on a call/go for dinner/whatever:

Creative tasks!!! Writing, product creation, deep brainstorming, painting, design work and all that jazz.

Tasks that can easily be interrupted OR segmented and therefore done in shorter periods of time because you don’t need to get into da zone:

All administrative tasks, techy stuff, calls (with a pre-determined timeframe) AND also creative tasks that can be segmented (like maybe you can’t create your entire course in 2 hours but you can definitely create worksheet 3 of module 2 or write an outline for your introduction video and so on).

Got it? Good. Now get to work, already ;)

13. I’m not ready!

Well, neither am I. And nobody ever is.

At least not for the big things that actually make a difference in our lives.

Did I feel ready to start my business? Nope.
Was I ready to put myself out there? Nah.
Am I ever gonna be ready to write my book, speak in front of thousands of people or sell my place, my car and half of my stuff to travel the world on my own? Probably not.

But am I doing this anyway? HELL YES!

You KNOW you need to start before you’re ready. Because being ready is a freaking illusion.

It’s waiting for a feeling of certainty that will never ever come from the outside. You can either go within and find the courage to do it anyway… or you’ll never get it done.

Tough love, baby, but so true.

So take a moment to look back at your life and all the things you did that you “weren’t ready for” but are now SO grateful for.

Here are some of mine for your inspiration:

  • starting my business at the age of 25 while still in law school
  • running a fashion show (without tripping and making a fool of myself)
  • opening my heart and speaking my truth even though it makes me feel vulnerable
  • sitting here in Cyprus without knowing where I’m gonna be next week

Just to name a few. Now look back at your life and you’ll see that starting before you’re ready is actually where you get the best results.

Disclaimer: There’s a difference between not being ready because you’d be skipping important parts of the process and not FEELING ready even though you’ve done all your homework. The latter one is the one that you need to ignore ;)

14. Just one more “cute dog meets baby for the first time” video.

Just one more cookie. Just press “snooze” one more time. Just one last cigarette. Just one more round of Roulette. Just one more…


This is all bullshit, don’t you see? We freakin’ lie to ourselves! And again we choose instant gratification over actual achievement and success.

That effin’ sucks!

Why are we doing this to ourselves? It really is self-sabotage at its best. And as we’re telling ourselves that it’s just one last ______, we’re constantly tricking our brains into believing that change is a-coming.

But it’s not.

So what can you do when you’re getting sucked into some time-consuming activity and can’t seem to stop?

This really is a tricky one but my advice is:


Literally –  move away from the computer/TV/cookie jar/whatever.

Seems like you need the distance, my friend.

If we’re getting sucked into something and it becomes a slight addiction of sorts, you need to actually step away.

Go for a walk.
Take a shower.
Do Yoga.

But please step away. Otherwise you’re gonna keep lying to yourself and you won’t ever get out of this trap.

And the most important thing: DO IT NOW! Not after “one last ______”. ;)

15. I have to ask my mom/dad/hubby/spirit guides/the Dalai Lama about this first!

Ah, yes.

This is a slight variation of “I don’t have enough resources”.

Look, sugarpie. If you really know someone who knows more about this than you do and you have access to them right now, then go ahead. Ask them.

But do ask yourself first:

Am I just being insecure?
Do I actually know the answer?
Am I just looking for confirmation?

Be honest with yourself. Trust yourself.

I feel like most of the time we DO have the answers already but then we go into insecurity and doubt ourselves so we seek confirmation from the outside world.

Not necessary.

You know what to do. Right?

And if you asked somebody else… you’d already know which answer you’d like to hear from them. Right?

Right. You don’t have to talk about it for the next 2 hours.

Because in general your rule of thumb of getting shit done is:

Less talk. More action.

Because talk is cheap, mofo… and action speaks much, much louder than words.

And now the last excuse… which is number 16… is YOURS TO PICK.

Gosh, I’m so sneaky, I know! I totally ran out of excuses and now I’m putting the ball in your court.

So let me hear it in the comments:

Do you have other excuses that I didn’t mention?

Remedies to share with the other folks out there who are indulging in procrastination and dying to hear from YOU?

Leave a comment below and contribute to making this world a more excuses-free zone.

We can all benefit from your wisdom!

To love and rainbows and no more fucking excuses!



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4 thoughts on “16 Most Popular Excuses Of All Time (And How To Not Fall Into Those Traps) – PART 2”

  1. I love the tomato timer technique. I actually find that my concentration is better in these short periods because I know however hard something is I only have to do it for 25 minutes. Then I can do something I enjoy. As a result I do some great work in these time slots. Thanks for the article

  2. Here’s my fav excuse of all times:
    “This doesn’t feel aligned right now”.
    The go-to excuse for all the woo-woo people, this one can mean literally anything. Maybe the Moon is in the wrong sign, or another planet is going retrograde and messing with my plans. Maybe my left heel is sending vibes to my right ear, trying to prevent me from making a fatal mistake. Whatever. Being hyper-sensitive intuitive one can go into endless cycles of interpretation of every single little “sign” or planetary position. Can process this until I am blue in the face, and the fact is: there is always something not aligned in the Universe. If it is not the Moon it is Mercury, and so on and so forth.
    My antidote to something being not aligned is looking into: how could I create the alignment that I desire? I am not going to leave it all to chance..)

    1. OMG, Violetta I LOVE you!

      Believe it or not, I’m really sensitive and intuitive myself and this is a GREAT one to add to the list. I just had a conversation with one of my friends talking about how “flow” can become such a trap when you’re just siting around, being a lazy ass, waiting for good stuff to fall into your lap.

      Thank you from my heart for your comment!

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