16 Most Popular Excuses Of All Time (And How To Not Fall Into Those Traps) – PART I

Hey there buttercup!

Today I wanna talk about something SUPER important:


(By the way I’m getting a lot of shit done behind the scenes and I AM creating something amazing for you that’s gonna launch really soon!)

But look, the truth is: if you’re not getting shit done, you won’t be able to have any FUN.

Am I making sense here? My point is that we’re all here for a reason. We all have something to give. To create. And share with the world.

It’s that good old light of yours that you’re supposed to shine so damn bright!

But I know… there’s an infinity of excuses, shiny objects and distractions out there that are oh-so-tempting as soon as you sit your ass down to get your work done.

So let’s look at 8 of the 16 most popular excuses of all time…  right effin’ now! (I broke this post up into 2 parts for you so that you don’t spend hours reading it and use it as your next excuse! Part 2 will be in your inbox on Friday. You’re welcome ;)

I asked a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners what holds them back and this is the list I’ve created from all the answers I got. Now, let me give you those excuses, my personal remedies and a loving kick in your royal behind so that you can finally get shit done.

And I can’t wait to see your bright light shine like crazy!

(Also: Don’t think I’m just smartassing you here with my great tips… I’m talking to myself as much as I’m talking to you ;)

Alrighty, here goes:

1. I don’t have time for this.

Oh sweet mother of… This is definitely the number one excuse of all time because everybody and their unborn grandchildren uses this one.

But the truth is?

We ain’t got nothing but time!

In fact, being eternal souls and all… time is all we have. We just lie to ourselves in an attempt to get away from the most important thing: creating what we’re here to create.

Imagine if Superman said “I ain’t got no time to save people’s lives today! I gotta do laundry!”

What if Michael Jackson would have been like “I ain’t got time to write Billie Jean today, I need to get my nose hair done!” (I’m going to hell for this joke… Jacko I love you and I apologize! RIP my man!)

And what if Martin Luther King would have been like “I have a dream? I don’t have time for fucking dreams, I got real shit to deal with!”…

The entire world would have lost. BIG TIME.

So stop making that excuse, it’s old and lame and a big fat lie on top of everything else. We can always MAKE time if it’s truly important to us. Period.

2. I’m tired.

I hear you. I’m tired too. And jetlagged. And exhausted.

But who the hell isn’t?

How many freaking times have I told myself I’ll take a “powernap” and then, oh then, everything will be perfect.

How many times did I go to bed, making myself believe that I’ll be super motivated, energized and on top of my game by the time the sun rises again the next day?


But this, too, is just a big load of crap, my friend.

Even though it might be true and yes, I’m all about self love and self care and whatnot. But sometimes you just need to prioritize, buckle the fuck down and get over your tiredness in order to achieve GREATNESS.

And then you can go and take that well-deserved nap!

3. But I don’t know HOW!?

Oh, really? Well, how about you just get started and give it a go?

In the rare case that you really, really, really don’t know how to do something, there’s an abundance of YouTube videos and how-to blog posts out there. I’m pretty damn sure you could learn how to build an atomic bomb on YouTube if that’s what you really wanna do. (Also: if that’s what you really wanna do, then get fuck off my blog please, thanks.)

So go and learn but be sure that you don’t fall into the trap of excuse #9 (which will be revealed on Friday)!

Because many, many times you just need to have more faith in yourself and stop second guessing every little thing you do. You’re awesome, you got this, you can totally do it.

And don’t forget that “GOOD”?

Is freakin’ good enough!

4. I’ll get up SUPER early and work extra tomorrow.


I am HUGE on that one!

And every single time, I TRULY believe this with all my heart.

I set the alarm for 6am or some other ridiculous time. I go to bed with a long-ass to-do list that I’m SO gonna tackle at 6am (because in my crazy mind, I also believe that I’ll get up and start working immediately).

And then I wake up at 9, get to work at 11, freak the fuck out and get frustrated with myself because (big surprise) I didn’t manage to get it all done – again.

(Sometimes this strategy actually works, but it’s never pleasant, always risky and there HAS to be a better way…)

What you resist persists, my love… and we all know this.

So what’s my remedy for this one?


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer because you need to find your own friggin’ balance. Trust your gut with this one…

Are you really gonna be able to do all of this tomorrow?

Can you do one more important thing and go to bed?

What can you outsource so that you don’t go all Tony Robbins on yourself (he claims to only sleep 4-6 hours or something… I mean I wish that was me but honestly I’m like a baby and I need at least 8 hours to NOT be a total zombie…)

Rule of thumb? Be realistic. Don’t wear yourself out. And do listen to your body. It usually knows best…

Plus: Chances are that if you’re tired, exhausted and drained, your results won’t be as great anyway!

5. It’s so nice and sunny outside..

I hear you. I LOVE the sun too and as soon as it’s out, it makes me wanna get out as well.

Which kinda makes it impossible to succeed at anything if you live in California.

So you need to get over this excuse as well.

Or how about a compromise here? If you’re one of the lucky people who actually CAN work in the sun, then go outside and do it! (Also: send me an email and tell me HOW the heck you do it because I can’t see shit on my screen…)

If you need peace, quiet and the ability to see what’s on your screen, then go for a quick walk, have lunch outside or meditate in the sun during your breaks or before you get to work. (Gosh, how I miss California!)

OR (and this is kinda like the risky, last resort): spend the day outside, enjoy the lovely weather and buckle down after sunset. It IS an option, just saying but ask yourself this question before you hop into your sandals and hit the beach:


If there’s even the smallest sense of doubt, if there’s a risk that you might be too tired/sunburned/hungry/whatever later on, then it’s a TRAP! And the answer is a clear no.

So make your decision. And choose well, my love. Choose well!

6. I’m hungry! Girl’s gotta eat!

I’m big on that one as well! I love food and it’s one of my favorite work companions (you know, for when this cutie is not around to keep me company:)

IMG_6844IMG_6428(Warning: I’m using the cute dog strategy on you. Seems to work for all those guys on Tinder ;)




No seriously, I love to eat but I also don’t wanna eat crap. Which means I’d have to prepare something or go somewhere and YES… that takes time.

So… what to do, what to do?

I’m sitting here, thinking about an answer and the only thing that comes to my mind is: This one is not optional.

I mean literally… girl’s gotta eat!?

But would I suggest to eat at your desk? Nope.

Would I advise you to grab some fast food? Nah.

So if you DO wanna be productive and do yourself a favor… define your food breaks in advance!

And then freaking stick to them!

But since I know this doesn’t work all the time…

Here’s stuff that you CAN get done while you’re eating your steak kale salad (this is not really WORK but still stuff you gotta do, so almost like a cheat):

  • Set up a lunch-date and talk to your business buddies! Get on Skype and have a nice chat, catch up and inspire each other while you eat!
  • Watch the 823 YouTube trainings you wanted to watch since last November or catch up on all the group calls you already missed in the latest program you joined (raising my hand here…)
  • Read that book you’ve been meaning to read for oh so long (I’m a freak and read multiple books at a time! At the moment: “The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Yes – 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive” by Robert Cialdini and “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill’s classic)

If you follow these tips and don’t cook 5 course gourmet menus for yourself everyday, you should be fine. Even Oprah has to eat so this can’t really be an excuse for not getting shit done :)

6. I need a break/sleep/massage because you know…. self-love and all!

Yep… I ALWAYS need a massage.

But honestly… this is another variation of the story of my life: WORK LIFE BALANCE.

Isn’t it?

Look, we all need to take breaks. Sleep. Eat. Exercise. Shower. Go for walks. Get massages and mani-pedis (Lord knows I need all of these right now).

But how can we balance this with our jam-packed, ridiculous, A+, I-wanna-rule-the-world schedules?



I tend to (lovingly) treat myself like a dog or little kid and come up with kind of a reward system. It goes a little something like this:

  • If I send out this blog post on time, I’ll go get a massage in the evening
  • If I focus for 2 hours now (no Facebook, no phone, no fucking excuses), I can take a walk in the sun for an hour
  • If I finish this sales page by 6, I can watch the new episode of Game of Thrones

And so on. Sure, you still have to stick to it, but it works if you actually set start and finish times.

Then you can be all like “Hey, I only got 30 minutes to go and then I’ll be chilling in the sun”.

Or “Shit, I only got 30 minutes, better get my ass off of Facebook and buckle the fuck down because otherwise I won’t find out where the dragon went”, or something.


AND… this is the most important one: Even if you DON’T manage to stick to this all the time… do NOT beat yourself up about it. It won’t help. If you screw up a little, just look at it from a perspective of “What do I need to change/improve/let go of so that it actually works out tomorrow?”


7. I don’t know where to start.

There goes another HIGHLY popular one.

In my mind, I’m picturing this HUGE graveyard, full of un-implemented plans, never-launched ideas and procrastinated-on projects. (Is that even proper English? Who cares…)

Look, booboo, the truth is: IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER!

Really. It doesn’t matter where you start. As long as you get STARTED!

I’m a huge believer in taking action because that’s the ONLY freaking way that you will get the insights you need and the aha-moments that will give you ultimate clarity.

In other words: Once you get started, you’ll know what to do.

Like Louise Hay always says: Imagine you’re cleaning a house. It doesn’t matter where you start, in the end the house is gonna be clean and that’s all that matters.

So for crying out loud, just get started!

I do have one crucial tip for you though when it comes to prioritizing: make sure you find the balance between urgent and important stuff. We (yes, I’m including myself) tend to focus only on what’s urgent in the moment and put the stuff that’s important for our long term success and growth on the backburner.

No bueno.

Idea? Devote the first half of your day to urgent stuff and use the second half to focus on what’s important. Or the other way round depending on your personal style. Just split the day in half and then commit. Perfect balance right there :)

Alrighty, don’t think these were all the excuses. Nope, there’s more to come! Part 2 of this post will be in your inbox by Friday!

And now I wanna hear from you (in all honesty) in the comments:

Which of those 8 excuses is holding you back from getting shit done?

Do you have other remedies to share?

Can’t wait to read your replies and I’ll see you in your inbox on Friday!
Big hugsies!


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6 thoughts on “16 Most Popular Excuses Of All Time (And How To Not Fall Into Those Traps) – PART I”

  1. Funnily enough, I just called bullshit on my excuse that I’ve had no time this week to work on my highest priority…then I went into my e-mail and found your mail. Haha. Yep, gonna make time (and stop reading e-mails) right now! But first, sit under a sun umbrella or cover…then you’re outside sort of in the sun, but also you can see your screen! It’s what I do, cos here in the UK the sun isn’t guaranteed even in summer so you have to make the most of it! x

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! I’m happy to hear that my email was timely and yes – sitting in the shade is an option but how do I tan this way? Lol ;)


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