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Let’s be real: Writing is not that hard.

Any 8-year old can barf a few words onto a page and call themselves a “writer”.

But that’s not where the real gold is. The real gold, my friend, is not in typing a couple paragraphs out of your head and onto a Google Doc (or Word Doc if you’re that kinda person, cough).

The real gold is in the EDITING.

Editing your copy like a pro is not only harder than writing it… it’s also way more important.
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sixteen miles

Write more blog posts!

Do more videos!

Get your ass on Periscope!

Hey, are you using Facebook Live?


Messenger pigeons?

I bet you can get clients on Tinder as well…

But seriously… “Who the fuck has time for this?”, you might wonder.

My point exactly.

And it’s not just who the fuck has time to CREATE all this shit… but who actually has time to CONSUME IT?
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I’m gonna go out on a limb here today… and say that persuasion sucks.

Well… that’s not entirely true. Persuasion doesn’t suck if you just want to make money. But I’m guessing that’s not all you’re here for, right?

Me, personally? I believe in a greater cause.

See, persuasion can be very powerful. But at the same time it can also be very forceful. And in my opinion someone who’s been persuaded to buy something doesn’t feel the same (or: is not on the same vibration) as someone who simply and freely chooses to buy something.

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Inspired by the lovely and ass-kicking Kat Loterzo who I deeply admire for being a freaking idea machine AND (even more importantly) a killer idea-executer, I wanna share what sucked ass for me in 2015 and the lessons I learned as a result.

May thou learneth from my fails and wins and repeateth only the latter!

And just for the record: I don’t believe in failure. I believe in valuable lessons instead. So allow me to correct my bad mouth here and say: May thou learneth from my lessons and enjoy the pleasure of not having to learn them the hard way. You areth welcome my Lords and Ladies.

Alright, enough with the crazy talk, now let’s get right to it:

Oh no, wait! One more thing ;)

These mistakes and bloopers don’t mean that 2015 sucked ass. NO WAY!

2015 was about the best year I ever had and I could not be more grateful for my life and my experience and the people who I’m sharing it with.

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I don’t care what anyone says.

Writing is an art.

And how can you get better in your pursuit of any art, really?

BY PRACTICING, of course.

So today I wanna share one of my most sacred practices with you and I highly suggest that you give it a shot as well… (if you want to become a better writer, that is):

Taking a morning dump.

No, not that kind. I’m talking about a brain dump of course. (Don’t you love the toilet humor?)

Here’s exactly what I do:

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Hey lovely!

Finally… Part II of my excuses series is here. And yes, I’m very aware of the fact that I kinda said that this article was gonna be done sooner.

Care to hear some of my excuses?

No, I figured.

Instead let’s look at the rest of the most popular excuses of all time including my personal remedies to kick procrastination in the butt and finally get shit done.

(Oh, and if you haven’t read Part I yet, click here and read this one first!)


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Hey there buttercup!

Today I wanna talk about something SUPER important:


(By the way I’m getting a lot of shit done behind the scenes and I AM creating something amazing for you that’s gonna launch really soon!)

But look, the truth is: if you’re not getting shit done, you won’t be able to have any FUN.

Am I making sense here? My point is that we’re all here for a reason. We all have something to give. To create. And share with the world.

It’s that good old light of yours that you’re supposed to shine so damn bright!

But I know… there’s an infinity of excuses, shiny objects and distractions out there that are oh-so-tempting as soon as you sit your ass down to get your work done.

So let’s look at 8 of the 16 most popular excuses of all time…  right effin’ now! (I broke this post up into 2 parts for you so that you don’t spend hours reading it and use it as your next excuse! Part 2 will be in your inbox on Friday. You’re welcome ;)

I asked a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners what holds them back and this is the list I’ve created from all the answers I got. Now, let me give you those excuses, my personal remedies and a loving kick in your royal behind so that you can finally get shit done.

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